10 cool things to do with your Google Nest speaker

After a slow start and limited functionality, connected speakers continue to improve over time and with updates. Google’s artificial intelligence continues to evolve to allow more and more functions and/or services offered by small voice assistants. Far from the first weeks of use at the beginning which consisted of asking to tell a joke, read a story or simply answer everyday questions.

Those speakers wear their name very well todayassistant and really allow us to accompany us, to help you on a daily basis and even to save us a lot of time. But then now that Google made her much smarter assistantit is interesting to draw up a list of 10 uses which we find useful and which you may discover. After offering you a list for Amazon Echo and its assistant Alexa, let’s move on to Google Assistant. Let’s go!

1. Turn your Google Nest speaker into a performer

You have a smart speaker Google, so why not put it to work. The latter can easily become your interpreter in front of a stranger to make you understand easily? Just say:

"Hey Google, deviens mon interprète en anglais".

This is precisely what thegoogle smart speaker : Translate conversations into different languages. It’s a great way to practice your language skills, or just improve or practice. Even better, installed on your smartphone, it can help you make yourself understood by someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you.

2. Make duo calls with your Google Nest speakers

Are you a fan of Duo, Google’s video calling app? You can also use your speaker Nest for it. Tell him:

"Hey Google, appelle [nom du contact] sur Duo".

The voice assistants have been improved to recognize names lately, so don’t worry if the contact has more than one nickname. It’s a good way for families and friends to stay connected and chat face-to-face, even if they live halfway around the world or limit interactions due to covid-19.

3. Use bedtime or gentle wake-up mode

By combining your connected light bulbs at your Google Assistantit is possible to entrust your assistant with the management of a script very nice and practical, whether for you or the children. The assistant will then take care of varying the intensity of the lights gradually over a period of 30 minutes, until it reaches darkness for bedtime mode or maximum brightness for wake-up mode.

A real plus compared to Amazon, which does not offer this type of automation by default.

To enable soft sleep mode, simply invoke the following command:

"Hey Google, active le coucher en douceur".

As practical as for a gentle bedtime, the gentle wake-up mode will be very practical for waking up children in the morning before school and/or adults who have trouble waking up. To program the gentle wake-up mode, simply use the following voice command:

"Hey Google, active le réveil en douceur à 6h du matin".

4. Track the delivery of your packages

If you like ordering on the internet and tracking your deliveries, this voice command is for you. Just say:

"Hey Google, effectue le suivi de mes colis".

The speaker will automatically access your Gmail account once and notify you when a new tracking update is received. You don’t need to check your email every hour just to see if the package has arrived. Be more productive and let your smart speaker do all the work. Note that you will first need to link your Gmail account with Google Assistant.

5. Add items to your shopping list

Going to the races, we all think of the products to remember and once in the store, it is impossible to remember what we need. I assure you, we are all the same.

Fortunately, there is a command that will help you:

"Hey Google, Ajoute de la bière à ma liste de course".

All you have to do is use your smartphone and the app Google Home once in the store so as not to forget anything.

Manage your daily shopping list with your assistant

6. Leave your house safely

With connected products Nest security, you can take several actions to improve your home security. For example, smart alarm systems will automatically ring if someone tries to break into the front door while you’re away.

If you’re going away from home but want to make sure the house stays under surveillance, just say:

"Hey Google, je pars de chez moi".

This will allow the speaker to check your Nest connected security system Where Somfy Home Alarm for example to make sure that everything is in place. A well-configured routine will allow you to activate the alarm and ensure that the lights are all off and the shutters are closed. You will receive a notification on your phone if there is a problem with your connected alarm system.

7. Use Your Assistant’s Memory Instead of Your Own

Google Assistant has this ability to remember for you. You never know what shoe size your growing child is, just tell Google:

"Hey Google, souviens-toi que Lucas fait du 43 en taille de basket".

When you’re about to order a cool pair of sneakers on sale and your kid isn’t with you, just ask Google:

Hey Google, rappelle-moi quelle est la taille de basket de Lucas

A real memory aid, to try it is to adopt it. I use a Google mini in the garage, and I’ve got into the habit of telling it where I store tools that I don’t use often, or in which crate in the attic are such and such objects. I guarantee you that the time saved is insane. Me who spends my time looking for my tools, it’s great!

Another example, “Remember that my spare keys are in the drawer in the hall”. This will allow your device to store this information and then tell you where to look when needed.

"Hey Google, où est mon double de clefs ?".

You can also use this command to find out what day you requested something to remember.

8. Command your home by voice

This is undoubtedly one of the most used functions on a daily basis by owners of a Google connected speaker and a system. Automationor simply connected objects.

"Hey Google, allume la lumière de la cuisine".
"Hey Google, allume la TV".
"Hey Google, éteint la cafetière".

A single connected socket or connected bulb from Action for less than 10€ will allow you to control a device or lighting. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, go for it!

9. Forget your personal development coach or book, just use your Google Assistant

It is not insignificant that 2021 is the year that has seen the personal development books explode. The unprecedented health crisis that you are still experiencing today and the various confinements and other adaptations imposed on a daily basis for two years, play on our morale. But did you know that your Google voice assistant can also act as a coach for you?

"OK Google, Motive moi".
"Hey Google, donnes moi une bonne nouvelle".
"Hey Google, dis moi quelque chose de bien".

So many voice commands that can help you get motivated and start your day boosted. Finally, for the most megalomaniac among you, you can also ask your assistant to call you “master”, “chief” or even “God”! To do this, simply tell him:

"Hey Google, appel moi chef".

10. Delete your voice history

If you’ve been using your smart speaker for a while, it probably contains some interesting data. Did you know that the product keeps an eye on all the requests made by its users?

Fortunately, you can delete this information whenever you want. Say:

"Hey, Google, supprime tout ce que j'ai dit [aujourd'hui/cette semaine/ce mois/cette année]".

The device will handle the task automatically so you can rest easy knowing everything is deleted.

In a previous guide, we also explained how to do it from the mobile application and even configure this retention of your recordings.


Google Nest speakers are great devices to have in your home. They’re easy to use and incredibly versatile, so you can get great value out of them.

Now that you’ve seen these cool tips, you can start using your Google Nest speaker to its full potential.

Last updated on May 9, 2022 7:09 p.m.

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