10 tips for designing our perfect kitchen

How to organize your kitchen to make it a pleasant, functional place, where you like to prepare good meals and entertain? You must first plan well, then give yourself a bright and uncluttered environment as well as space to evolve at ease, answer the experts.

1. A bright environment

Drew Hadley

Nothing is more pleasant than evolving in a sunny kitchen. If the windows are small, few or even non-existent, choose bright and clear materials that reflect light.

2. Well-organized spaces

Stacey Brandford

Knowing that we would only use 20% of our possessions, we first sort through everything we store in the kitchen. Then, we evaluate our habits in order to make accessible the elements used on a daily basis. “These should end up in the space between the shoulder and the knee,” says professional organizer Elizabeth Alescio. I suggest grouping together what you need when you receive in one place near the dining room.”

Other tips to remember: label containers and jars, favor transparent containers, get into the habit of tidying up as you go and clear counters as much as possible.

3. The ergonomic triangle


The imaginary triangle between sink, stove and fridge guarantees the functionality of the room. It’s important to make sure that nothing hinders movement between these three areas, not even the islet.

During renovations or new constructions, there are also larger clearances between counters (we go from 36 in. to 40 or 48 in.), says designer Jean Stéphane Beauchamp: “The triangle is changing and the preparation areas are are more like those found in restaurants. We also add a second sink. Why? We cook more and more as a couple or as a family.

4. The comfort of wood

Donna Griffith

Soft materials such as wood are increasingly investing in the kitchen. “We like the attractive and warm appearance of parquet, explains designer Jean Stéphane Beauchamp, but above all its comfort for the legs. Even if wood wears out more quickly than ceramic, owners assume this choice.”

5. An inviting lunch counter

Michael Graydon

To eat on the go, of course, but also to stroll with our smart devices, leaf through our recipe books and chat over a good coffee. It is preferable to choose counter chairs with a backrest and armrests. Sufficient space is provided for leg comfort. Finally, if there are young children at home, avoid the counter at bar height.

6. Modern storage solutions

Carina Olander

Sliding shelf, turntable, tiered display, sliding system with compartments for recycling, garbage and compost… These accessories make it easier for us to maintain order, even if the area is small.

According to stylist Vanessa Béland, drawers are to be preferred: “By adding dividers, you can fit more things in them, and better. It also makes it possible to limit the number of cupboards in height, which contributes to make the kitchen more airy.

7. Quality essentials

Alex Lukey

You don’t have to have the latest gadgets, but a few powerful tools will increase the fun of cooking. The essentials for which one should not skimp on quality: a paring knife, a chef’s knife, a frying pan, a Dutch oven (6 litres) and two small saucepans. All chefs will agree!

8. Neat lighting

Donna Griffith

Lack of lighting is a common defect in many kitchens. You have to be able to vary the atmosphere between activities that require strong lighting and moments of relaxation where you will appreciate dimmed light. Sometimes a visit from an electrician can fix a lot of little problems. We take the opportunity to add dimmers and electrical outlets with USB port.

9. A large sink

Michael Graydon

Washing up is less of a hassle when you have the gift of a sink large enough to work at ease. It is chosen equipped with two tanks and made of quality stainless steel which will facilitate maintenance. With a single-handle faucet that can be operated with one hand and a clutter-free and well-organized under-the-sink cabinet, life will be smoother.

10. What about when you don’t like to cook?

How do you make the space inviting when cooking isn’t our cup of tea? We make sure that the kitchen is pleasant to live in, even if it is not to prepare pies by the dozen or five-course meals for our friends.

A corner reserved for the coffee maker, a well-appointed bar or a smart charging station hidden under the counter are all features that will please everyone. We favor an open organization where the essentials are at hand.

Designer Jean Stéphane Beauchamp advises investing in new smart appliances: a fridge that manages inventory, an oven with a cooking probe managed from his phone, a cooker with vacuum option, etc. “The latest generation of appliances makes several work steps pleasant and uncomplicated for those who have no kitchen experience.”

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