26 quick recipes when you’re teleworking

Cooking while working remotely

Between those who experience telework perfectly well, and those who suffer from it, there is also the group for whom cooking is a chore that you have to go through, not without difficulty… If you are in this case – know that you don’t You’re not alone – and that we’ve all more or less felt tired of the exercise of cooking for ourselves, at home, especially if we’re solo. Even if the delivery option is more than tempting – put down that smartphone that cannot be seen – cooking is not the hard work you imagine. All it takes is a little imagination, the right ingredients, and knowing the main principles.

How to compose the ideal dish?

For a quick and easy dish for teleworking, you have to think above all about ef-fi-ca-ci-té! You barely have time to prepare a meal between two meetings? In this case, quickly cooked pasta or rice are an effective base, which can also be replaced by seeds such as bulgur, quinoa, or legumes, like coral lentils, ready in record time.

To complement, we think vitamins. Either we use canned vegetables that have already been cooked – beans, artichoke or palm hearts – or frozen foods to fry for ten minutes while the cereal is cooking. You can also have a look at raw vegetables: grated carrots; sliced ​​endives or button mushrooms; baby spinach; radish; small fresh salads; etc Without forgetting to garnish everything with fresh herbs that only require a quick scissor to be served!

For proteins, several quick options are possible. Oily fish like tuna, mackerel, or canned sardines for omega 3; eggs to serve fried, scrambled, or as an omelet when you’re in a hurry; flattened chicken breast to fry over high heat for quick cooking; or even fresh fish to be cut into ceviche or tartare. Of course, the vegetable is not left out with the tofu and the steaks with seeds which pass to the frying pan.

Never forget the right amount of oil in your dish. Far from being harmful – no, oil is not your enemy – integrating oil – either in the form of cooking oil, in a salad dressing, or via the presence of oilseeds – is necessary in our diet . In addition, in teleworking as in the office, we are focused on a task and our brain more than needs to be fed through the various inputs.

Whether hot or cold, a dish must above all be well composed to cover all the ingredients. As such, even a sandwich is possible, as long as you don’t forget to slip vegetables and vitamins inside! So don’t worry, if one or the other contribution is missing in your dish, the balance is played out over the whole meal. Thus, the lack of dietary fiber in a dish can be temporized by fresh fruit for dessert, etc.

Fast on the kitchen, not on the tasting

Be careful, easy and quick recipes do not mean quickly swallowed up, we see you coming. First, we turn off our computer when we eat and we give ourselves a real break. No question of crunching three bites between two emails. You have to be focused on your plate. In the same way, we take the time to chew well, so as not to finish the job in five minutes, and release histamine, the neurotransmitter of the message of satiety. Thus, it should be known that there is an incompressible period of about 20 minutes (when chewing well) between the moment when the food is swallowed, and when the stomach sends the message of satiety to indicate to the brain that he is satisfied. During this time, if you play it like Speedy Gonzalez and don’t stop eating, you’ll quickly find yourself bloated. Cooking quickly for X or Y reasons, yes, but not taking the time to eat is no. And in the end, it would always be counterproductive in the long term: bloating, cramps, fatigue, mood disorders, weight gain…

To inspire you and vary your meals as often as possible, here are 26 recipes for quick dishes to make while working from home.

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