3 killer whales violently attacked and devoured by a white shark, impressive video!

Since Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, the great white shark has had a very bad reputation. A few years later, the lesser known Orca came out. In this film, it is an orca who plays the role of the antagonist. You may not know it, and contrary to appearances, orcas are indeed at the top of the food chain. And not the great white shark. This video is further proof of that.

Killer whales kill a great white shark

The scene takes place in South Africa. It is thanks to a drone that we have the chance, today, to discover it. We see a group of killer whales devouring a great white shark.. These images remind us that, in nature, only the law of the strongest counts. And the orcs, in numerical superiority, logically took over.

These images were captured in Mossel Bay, South Africa. They were published during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. ” This is the first time this has been documented with direct evidence in South Africa “Explained marine biologist Alison Towner to the American site The Daily Beast.

But what exactly do we see in these images? Simply three killer whales surround the shark, yet 2.5 meters long. Their goal ? Devour his liver. Once they have managed to get what they wanted, they move away from their prey and leave it to bathe in a pool of blood.

Orcas responsible for the death of white sharks

These impressive images enchant the researcher, delighted to see that such an event is now well documented. She even considers that it is one of the finest pieces of natural history ever filmed “. They also come to confirm studies which indicate that the great white sharks have deserted certain regions since the arrival of the killer whales. However, and Alison Towner reminds us, sharks flee as soon as they sense the presence of a predator. But unfortunately for the shark in the video, he didn’t have time to flee by taking cover.

We have all the evidence that killer whales are responsible for the death of white sharks. But this is the world’s first drone footage of killer whales hunting a white shark. “said Alison Towner.

When the queen of the ocean gets lost in Paris

It is not in the Seine that one expects to see an orca. And yet, some tugs from Le Havre, on Tuesday May 17, were surprised to see one, between Honfleur and Le Havre. The animal in question measures between three and four meters, according to the statements of the witnesses. It was a weakened animal that was seen. Experts are surprised by the presence of the killer whale in the Seine. It’s not a usual place for them. Above all, they generally travel in groups. The orca is not a solitary species. But why did this marine mammal free itself from its own to reach the coast?

Some think it was curiosity, definitely a very nasty flaw, that pushed the killer whale to end up in the Seine. Others think that it is the population of seals that live on the Normandy coasts and in the north of France which is at the origin of the presence of the orca. But once again, this hypothesis is not sufficient since killer whales hunt together.

A few days after being seen, the killer whale was found dead on May 30, in the Seine. It had been several weeks since she had eaten. An autopsy was performed. The experts found ammunition at the base of the animal’s skull, without causing any trauma. The orca would have starved to death. On the other hand, the presence of this bullet worries the authorities. They want to know who shot an orca. An investigation is currently underway to find out who is behind the shooting. Perhaps a story worthy of the movie Orca, with Charlotte Rampling and Richard Harris?

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