4 Google Sheets Shortcuts to Improve Productivity

You open Google Sheets for work, only to find thousands of rows and a seemingly endless array of columns. There is so much information to organize and capture. How are you going to get through all of this?

The solution is shortcuts. You can double productivity even with an entire page if you know the right time-saving methods. Keep reading for everything you need to know. Oh, and having a desktop calculator will help speed things up too.


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First, enable shortcuts

Google Sheets requires you to browse and enable these settings. Here’s how.

  • Open a Google sheet and click Assistance in the list of options at the top of the page.
  • At the bottom of the list, click Keyboard shortcuts.
  • A small window will appear. Downstairs, slide the toggle right next to Enable compatible spreadsheet shortcuts.
  • Close this window. So. Keyboard shortcuts are now enabled.

Repeat last action

Designing a new spreadsheet takes forever without this shortcut. It’s simple: Google Sheets saves the previous action when you color a cell or draw one with a box.

All you have to do is press F4 on your keyboard, which will repeat the same action. This is especially useful for lists, columns, and accounting when you need to copy items from multiple sheet tabs.

Simple copy-paste

Highlight a cell or group of cells you want to copy. If you create and design long columns, it saves you incalculable time.

Once you have highlighted these cells, hold down the Ctrl keythen tap the icon C key to copy this entire highlighted section. So hold down the Ctrl key and press the button V key to stick it.

This shortcut also works with Google Docs. If you need to copy information from a document to a sheet, it will work the same way.

Select the entire row and column

You have a column that gives the impression that it would be better elsewhere. So you want to highlight it and move it around without dragging your mouse all over the screen.

To begin, click on a cell in a row that you want to highlight. Hold Work time and press the button space bar, and you’ll highlight the entire row. Hold CTRL and press the button space bar to highlight the entire column.

Paste values ​​only

You highlight a title on an article that you want to copy but don’t want its size 72 text to destroy your spreadsheet. There is a solution to this. just hold CTRL and Work timethen tap the icon V key in the cell(s) you want. It will paste text that matches your cell size and font preferences.

Alternatively, you can hold CTRL and Altthen tap the icon V key to paste only in the format if you wish. This is handy if you’re designing a new spreadsheet and want it to emulate an older one.

Master spreadsheets one step at a time

Using these shortcuts may seem foreign at first. But you’ll quickly adapt and notice how much faster you burn through your sheet management and tasks.

Found these tips helpful? Keep reading to find Google Sheet formulas that take your prowess a step further.

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