5 Reasons to Take out Insurance for your Electric Bike

Let it be said right away, insuring an electric bike is not compulsory. Now that you know that, you want to get back to your business. Stop it, you are wrong. Insurance is certainly an option, but necessary when you know the significant risks to which you expose yourself with your electric bike. Between theft, damage, accidents, you need to plan a budget, and not the least. So instead of waiting for fees to arrive, anticipate them. And insurance is made for just that. We explain to you.

Because it’s cheaper than buying a new e-bike

Do you know that every year the number of stolen bikes increases. In 2021, no less than 400,000 bicycle owners were forced to buy a new one. Bike theft is attractive for several reasons: the often poor security, the ease of reselling the components for a good price, the lack of traceability on most models… And when you own an electric bike, it’s all the more enticing.

Having insurance protects your electric bike, or at least its financial value. Depending on the formula chosen, the insurance compensates you in the event of theft of all or part of the initial price of your bike. A lesser evil to quench your tears of sadness and soothe your anger.

Home insurance guarantees compensation for the theft of your personal items only if it was committed at your home. If your bike is stolen from the street below your home, you cannot be compensated.

Because the repairs of your electric bike have a cost

Theft may affect many people each year. But after reading our article on tips to avoid theft, the probability of a meteorite falling on your bike is much higher. Insurance remains important, however, because it also covers damage and repairs to your bike.

More common than theft, it is likely that the electric bike is damaged after an incident and that you have to repair it because of a breakdown. If the manufacturer’s warranty is exceeded, the bill can quickly become salty. The insurance allows you with its “damage guarantee” to pay you part of your bill. Be careful, however, most insurance companies do not take this type of guarantee into account in their classic contract. Check the lines of your package well in advance.

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Because you are not safe from an accident

In addition to material damage, it is possible that during an accident, you will be injured. Do not panic, the majority of insurance contracts for electric bikes offer, in the event of an accident, work stoppage benefits, reimbursement of your care or the payment of a lump sum in the event of disability.

If you are injured by a motor vehicle that is at fault, it is up to the driver’s insurance to compensate you for the damage suffered.

Another case is when you hurt someone and you are at fault. The “civil liability guarantee” of your insurance will cover damage caused to others. Know that your multi-risk home insurance also helps you financially to reimburse the damage caused.

Because your insurer saves you time

This is an aspect that may seem trivial, but it is not at all. Your bicycle insurance is at your service 24 hours a day. A direct line allows us to advise you on the questions you have in the event of a problem with your bike. Also, the majority of insurance companies offer in their package a breakdown assistance in the event of a puncture or breakdown. You just need to know the associated number to benefit from assistance from your insurer.

with insurance, riding an e-bike is easier
Ride happy and liberated by taking out insurance

Because you are protected in the event of a dispute

The last reason to opt for insurance concerns an aspect that we do not wish on anyone, litigation. Electric bike insurance companies have a “legal protection guarantee” which allows you to defend yourself before the courts in the event that the perpetrator does not recognize his fault. The insurer will take care of the procedures but also of certain costs.

Finally, having insurance allows you to be covered in the event of an unforeseen event of any kind. Regular use of your electric bike multiplies the risks and the choice not to take out insurance is often regretted after an accident, theft or an act of vandalism. Besides, most users take out insurance after the first theft of their bike. Don’t be a sheep and anticipate.

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Is electric bike insurance compulsory?

E-bike insurance is not not mandatory but strongly recommended with its price which attracts thieves and the increased risk of accident or breakdown.

How much does electric bike insurance cost?

The price of insurance varies a lot depending on the formula chosen and the price of the bike. For an electric bike, the rates vary between 50€/month and more than 500€/month for high-end models.

Is it necessary to register an electric bike?

An electric bike has no no need to be registered if its power does not exceed 250W and its speed 25km/h. But we advise you to declare your bike on Bicycode so that it can be registered and found more easily in the event of theft.

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