5 tips to protect yourself from hackers during the holidays

We naturally let ourselves go when we go on a trip and that’s when accidents happen. We give you some cyber tips to go on vacation more serenely.

Hackers don’t take time off. On the contrary, the period between May and July is one of the most favorable of the year for hackers, according to the report of the company BrightCloud, essentially to trap people who are preparing for their summer. Whether it is to order your swimsuit, book a hotel or your diving course, scammers are waiting for you and your mailbox already contains the appropriate spam. In addition, a trip abroad always requires more precautions not to lose the devices that we take and find ourselves explaining the situation in broken English to the local police.

Here are 5 tips to avoid a computer mishap this summer.

Do not announce your departure on social networks

This advice applies to both burglaries and cyberattacks. Scammers identify vacation departures in order to better target their victims, in particular through their favorite technique, phishing. The cybersecurity company Cyrius recommends to be careful with emails of the type Reset your Airbnb password » or a link to a « Top 3 activities to do » for the chosen destination. If in doubt, you can check the site link on platforms such as FranceVerif or URLVoid.

Avoid keeping geolocation constantly on your smartphone. // Source: Pexels/Vitaly Vlasov

Back up the devices you take with you

Before leaving, remember to back up the data on your device. You never know if your smartphone will end up in water or if it will be stolen in a tourist area. Here is the procedure to follow to preserve the data, on iPhone as well as on Android. It is possible to transfer everything to the cloud before leaving or take an external hard drive with you.

Learn about the local digital environment

Before each trip, try to know the main information about your place of residence, to deal with any technical problems you may encounter. Does your hotel have a secure network? Is it easy to connect to the internet in the area? How can you communicate with your loved ones? A public Wi-Fi network, for example, does not offer a sufficiently secure internet connection.

Use a VPN

A virtual private network is a guarantee of security in any situation. If the place you are going to does not offer any trusted connection, a VPN will at least allow communications to be encrypted. ” This protection tool allows you to protect yourself from fake or easily hackable wi-fi networks, which will be likely to implant a virus says the Cyrius company. If you need to upload documents, be sure to use an HTTPS connection.

Avoid on-site online payments

If possible, prefer cash or credit cards. When withdrawing a ticket, go to the counters found directly in the banks: it is less likely that criminals have added a “Skimmer”, a crook’s device directly integrated into the machine. Ciryus advises ” activate payment confirmation with your bank on your smartphone to avoid the theft of bank data “.

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