A documentary on the Atlas Lionesses will be broadcast this Thursday on 2M

“Atlas Lionesses: Hear them roar!” » is a 26-minute documentary film which follows the final preparations of the Moroccan national women’s football team, before the big meeting of the CAN Women 2022 which will take place in Morocco from July 2nd.

“With the aim of introducing Moroccans to our talented players and allowing our compatriots to reconnect with the history of women’s football in Morocco, this film is intended to be an immersion in the heart of our women’s football team by highlighting light our young players who now want to impose themselves on the continent and, why not, shine at the world level”, indicates a joint press release from Taja Sport and the Moroccan Games and Sports (MDJS).

“Atlas Lionesses: Hear them roar!” » also aims to fight against the stereotypes faced by girls who choose football as a passion by telling the story and ambitions of these young women who today have a chance to win the African Cup and to be present at the 2023 Women’s World Cup, adds the same source.

Directed by Aziza Nait Sibaha, journalist and founder of Taja Sport, a platform dedicated to the promotion and development of women’s sport in the MENA region, the documentary takes us behind the scenes of the last FIFA concentration camp for the women’s national team, Flap.

Through the testimonies of several players of the Moroccan national team, as well as their coach, this unpublished documentary takes us to the heart of this last life-size preparation, before the big meeting of African women’s football.

The camera captured moments of physical preparation, exchanges during technical debriefing sessions, while entering the field and locker rooms during friendly matches (against Ghana and against Gambia). The director also knew how to film moments of life that show these players who have decided to leave the benches to take their place on the field.

The documentary “Atlas Lionesses: Hear them roar!” » was produced with the support of the MDJS, the leading partner of national sport and will be broadcast on 2M on Saturday June 25, 2022 at 7:40 p.m. and Saturday July 2 at 1:30 p.m.

Taja Sport is a media platform that aims to highlight women’s sport in the MENA region in general and in Morocco in particular.

Carrying the mission of promoting sport among young girls and women, while highlighting women’s sporting achievements in the MENA region, Taja Sport now aims to participate in the evolution of mentalities vis-à-vis sport. feminine, by highlighting models of sportswomen with whom the younger generations can identify.

Founded by Aziza Nait Sibaha in March 2021, Taja Sport launched in 2021 and 2022 three video programs in partnership with the MDJS: Tajara2i, Ma3aki and Batalate, Tajara2i and Ma3aki which won the “Coup de coeur du Jury” prize at Morocco Sports Awards, on March 22 in Casablanca.

Aziza Nait Sibaha now has 25 years of journalistic experience, including 16 years in television. At France 24, where she officiates as editor-in-chief and presenter of two of the channel’s flagship programmes, she has already produced two medium-format documentaries (17 mins).

Partner No. 1 of national sport, the Moroccan Games and Sports mission is to support Moroccan sport by paying all of its results to the FNDS (National Fund for the Development of Sport), whose purpose is to subsidize actions of sports federations, to support high-level athletes representing Morocco and to finance sports infrastructure, in particular local ones.

Beyond the financing of Moroccan sport through the FNDS, the MDJS actively contributes to the promotion of the practice and values ​​of sport as levers of inclusion and development by supporting numerous events and projects in various disciplines with particular attention. for women, handisport and the rural world within the framework of national territorial coverage. As a socially responsible company, the MDJS obtained in January 2019 the renewal of the CSR Label awarded by the CGEM.

The MDJS’s commitment to women’s sport won it the advertiser of the year award, as well as the Gold Digital Cristal, at the African Cristal Festival in 2018 for the #3andiBlasti campaign (I have my square). In 2019, this commitment was once again rewarded with the Tilila Trophy for the “Faire Gagner le Sport” campaign, which promotes gender parity in the practice of sports.

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