a few days later, she’s the most cuddly of the group

It’s not always easy for cats that have only known the outdoors to trust humans. This weakened mother was in this case, but she also wanted the best for her offspring. So she accepted the outstretched hand.

The shelter’s partner veterinary clinic Boomer’s Buddies Rescuelocated at malibu in the state of California to United States, took in a young cat and her 3 babies. The 4 felines were extremely thin and weakened by poor living conditions.

The kittens had the weight and size of 3-week-old specimens when they were 5. So one of them did not survive.

Besides, the mother was very scared. She hissed and hid desperately at the bottom of the cage. The members of the association have therefore opted for placement in a foster family so that she can socialize in the best possible conditions.


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Patience and kindness

“Mum wasn’t producing enough milk…probably because she wasn’t eating enough herself. But don’t worry, because we’ll fatten them up in no time.”a spokesperson said on social media.

Fortunately, the 2 kittens were doing well despite their growth retardation. The feline family was however infested with fleas, but were dealt with quickly. They just had to make themselves comfortable and enjoy the good little dishes prepared with love.


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After observing her new cozy environment, the mother finally decided to get out of her transport crate. She even began to demand the attention of her benefactress.

“One of the kittens is very sweet and calm. He politely waits his turn for feedings. Jam, on the other hand, has a strong character. He’s always meowing for food and running around like crazy.”the woman told OneGreenPlanet.


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Today the wild mom has turned into a friendly house cat. She offers her most beautiful purrs and affection to her new mistress. She is indeed grateful that a safe place has been provided for her offspring.

The 2 brothers were adopted and their mother sterilized.


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