accident risk insurance

Before entrusting your offspring to a third party, it is better to check the coverage of possible bodily injury and material damage.

Maternal assistant, home nanny, crèche, babysitting… The possibilities offered to parents to have their young child looked after are numerous. Whatever the solution chosen, it must be ensured beforehand that it will be properly covered in the event of an accident, suffered or provoked, which occurs inadvertently during on-call hours. The point on the insurance contracts likely to intervene with Julien Lepareur, director of legal affairs at the Mutual insurance of education (MAE).

Paris Match. What obligations are imposed on a childminder in terms of insurance?
Julien Lepareur. To be able to keep your child at home or in a reception structure provided for this purpose, the childminder is first subject to the obligation to have an approval issued by the department. Check that she has this permission. Given her job, she must also take out insurance covering her professional civil liability for damage suffered and caused by the children entrusted to her care. You are entitled to demand that she provide you with a certificate. To be insured, she can request an extension of her multi-risk home insurance or take out an individual contract.

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What happens in the event of an accident?
If your child is injured, by falling from the slide for example, or if he causes damage to another child during childcare, it is the childminder who can be held responsible for lack of attention. She must, like you, report the loss to her insurer as soon as possible. Note that she cannot ask you for any refund if your child breaks an object at home or tears her wallpaper. Finally, if you authorize the childminder to transport your child, his vehicle must be insured for professional use.

What are the rules for a private employer using a live-in nanny?
You must contact your insurer to notify them of your intention to hire a child minder in your home. By virtue of your status as an employer, you are responsible for acts committed by your employee on third parties. Consequently, make sure that your civil liability guarantee, included in your multi-risk home contract, covers it well. It is also she who pays for bodily injury caused by your child to a third party. If the child is cared for voluntarily by his grandparents or a neighbour, their civil liability may be covered by their own multi-risk home contract, but also by yours.

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Whether the nursery is associative, private or municipal, it must imperatively take out professional civil liability insurance.

How is the child covered if he injures himself?
Your civil liability guarantee does not apply. Your child is only protected if you have taken out extra-curricular insurance. You can also opt for a life accident guarantee or an individual bodily guarantee.

What if the child attends a crèche?
Whether the structure is associative, private or municipal, it must imperatively take out professional liability insurance. The damage suffered by the child is then covered, except if he is injured alone and no supervision fault has been established. This insurance works between the time it is dropped off and the time you pick it up.

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