After the theft of her puppy Sunny, this Brestoise launches the Waf mutual aid app

After the support of personalities like David Hallyday, Dominique Farrugia or Julien Doré, the mobilization around the theft of his puppy Sunny exploded. But for now, Nathalie has not found him. She is very reluctant to resume her work as a pet-sitter (pet walker), still traumatized by the theft, in her presence, of her miniature American shepherd Sunny, three months ago, on April 29, 2022 in Plouarzel ( 29), near Porsévigné beach. The animal was four months old.

Like Sunny, small dogs are particularly targeted by thieves (Photo Nathalie “Bblalanimo”)

Gain in efficiency

La Brestoise was also moved by other thefts or attempts, such as that of June 22, 2022, in the new Messioual district, near the Spernot factory in Brest. The owner also filed a complaint: a man and a woman (resembling the description made by Nathalie) allegedly baited the beagle with treats.

A stolen dog is treated like someone stole my cell phone

Since then, Nathalie has launched the Waf association, to help people and animals who have experienced such an episode. A video clip and an application, in particular, are in preparation. La Brestoise has the feeling that the gendarmerie of Saint-Renan (29) is not moving forward, for lack of means “and because a stolen dog is treated as if someone had stolen my mobile phone”, regrets- she, “while the law recognizes since January 2015 that animals are living beings endowed with sensitivity”. She also knows that the animal protection brigade is an association based on volunteers, which wastes a lot of time finding information, on various sites, when it investigates. Hence the idea of ​​creating an application, Waf, which would make it more efficient to find stolen dogs.

Third traffic in the world

“The beta version will be ready in September for investigators. Once validated, it will be made available to the general public, before the end of the year, so that people can send in photos and information, for example on suspected vehicles”, specifies Nathalie, who became aware of the magnitude of the phenomenon in the face of the number of calls she has received over the past three months.

In the meantime, the young woman has learned that animal trafficking is the third largest in the world, after weapons and drugs. She is interested in various cases, in Finistère for the moment, such as “this traffic in puppies dismantled between Morlaix and Carhaix last winter, which seems to be resuming”.

They and they were more than fifty, accompanied by their pet, to participate in the WAF ballad, from Porspaul on this Sunday morning.
They and they were more than fifty, accompanied by their pet, to participate in the WAF stroll, from Porspaul, to Lampaul-Plouarzel (29), on a Sunday morning at the end of June

A Waf brigade and a Waf family

Waf is the name of one of Julien Doré’s songs, whose lyrics Nathalie and other volunteers will hijack to shoot a clip in the coming weeks to raise awareness of this cause. “We also want to create a Waf brigade, which would monitor the networks, a Waf family as well, to support victims of theft in their efforts. My lawyer, maybe students in psychology or psychiatry, could help. When I think of this retired couple, inconsolable since they no longer have their little dog… Not everyone can afford these services! »

Nathalie, whose dog Sunny was stolen three months ago this Friday, intends to develop her action to help owners and animals who are victims of these acts.
Nathalie created the Waf association and is currently developing the application of the same name to help find stolen dogs (Le Télégramme / David Cormier)

On a personal level, Nathalie is still planning to take a training course in September on animal mediation. To comfort, with the help of animals, the elderly in palliative care or disabled children (“autism touches me a lot”). But returning to walk dogs in the street is not won.

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