AG 2022, the Syneg in action in the face of the new challenges of the haute cuisine sector

At the end of the general meeting of Syneg, the outgoing president of the union of equipment manufacturers of large kitchens, Pierre Marcel was re-elected for 2 years, alongside 9 administrators including 4 new ones. Among the priorities of the sector after a year 2021 of strong recovery, the valuation of its trades, the strengthening of CSR strategies and the upstream-downstream rebalancing while the industrialists of the branch are paying a high price for the surge in raw materials.

Attractiveness of the sector, strengthening of CSR policies, fight against the imbalance in the steel market and shortages…, there is no shortage of challenges for the haute cuisine sector after a fairly exceptional 2021 vintage for players in the sector. In his speech addressed to the members of Syneg and his guests, including design offices and distributors, during the GM of June 16, the re-elected president Pierre Marcel began by protesting against the policy of excessive margins operated by steel suppliers in a strongly recovering market and faced with shortages. ” We have alerted the public authorities to the situation and hope to be heards». It must be said that activity recorded a strong recovery in 2021 (vs 2020) of + 22% in value (+ 4.5% vs 2019), including the effect of rising prices and even 39% at export, despite the maintenance of many countries in semi-containment Covid.

Manufacturers are both a source of solutions and problems for installers and their customers. The solution when the material arrives on time; the problem with delays and multiple price increases, Pierre Marcel

And the president of Syneg to point more particularly to the purchase prices of the metals supplied by the industrialists of Syneg. ” Inflation started as early as October 2020, long before the war in Ukraine, and price increases continue “. He explains this through the imbalance that has arisen between insufficient supply and strong demand in a European market that lacks metals following capacity reductions in Europe and customs barriers put in place in 2015 by Europe. This is to save the European steel industry from Asian imports. According to him, this protectionism, probably essential in order to avoid the total disappearance of a strategic industry, the steel industry, has generated an unequal market situation. ” The sector – upstream – is excessively protected to the detriment of the sector – downstream -, that is to say our customers and us, who suffer from excessive purchase price increases”. The main steelmaker supplying the French market thus generates an artificial profitability created by these protections and this market imbalance. Its 2021 annual report mentions an EBITDA of 23% of turnover and 33% in the last quarter of 2021, still increasing in the 1st quarter of 2022. For comparison, the average EBITDA of the mechanical industries in France is 6%.i.e. 5 times less.

We alerted the Public Authorities. This bitter observation is fortunately compensated by the dynamism of Food Service, its innovations and, I observe, peaceful professional working relations in our sector between design offices, installers and manufacturers.

A new CSR commission and the promotion of professions

If the food service, in all its components, lacks manpower, the situation is also critical in the haute cuisine sector. Hence the desire expressed by Pierre Marcel, on behalf of Syneg and its members, to take up the challenge of the attractiveness of the sector and the enhancement of the employer brand applied to the entire ecosystem: “Let’s seize the opportunity to build a major project of attractiveness of the sector around employment”. Another important line of work for the Syndicate is CSR within the sector with the formalization of the creation of a new CSR Commission chaired by Eric Buffet. Among the major objectives of this working group, to underline the union’s commitment to this major subject, to offer members a simple methodology for structuring the bases of a CSR strategy in their company and finally, to share and be inspired by actions concrete actions of members to advance chosen subjects in his own company.

On the photo: from left to right: Vincent Stellian (Sneffca), Denis Daveine (FCSI France), Pierre MARCEL (Syneg), Marc Grandmougin (Resto France Experts), and Guillaume Klun (Cinov Restauconcepteurs)

Reminder on the composition of the office

President Pierre Marcel, TOURNUS EQUIPMENT

Vice-presidents Jean-Jacques Augagneur SIL & CHARVET, Laurent Courneil SOCAMEL, Flavien Dumont BONNET-THIRODE GC

Treasurer Benedict Compere. METOS

Administrators Livio Brugnoli ALI COMENDA, Éric Buffet WINTERHALTER, Aurélien Fouquet SANTOS, Hervé Giraud ODIC, Laurent Godard SUD INOX, Alexander Lohnherr MEIKO, Valérie Paumier MIELE, Jean-Luc Perot ADVENTYS, Paolo Pescatori FRIGINOX & ROSINOX, Philippe Mang SAFEXIS, Olivier Richard ALVENE, Laurent Sibille ITV & CORECO

Executive Officer André-Pierre Doucet Syneg

The Bureau is made up of the President, the Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer.

Presidents of SYNEG Commissions

  • Purchases Laurent Courneil (SOCAMEL)
  • Laundry Jean-Francois Marques (ALLIANCE LAUNDRY SYSTEMS)
  • Communication Aurelien Fouquet (SANTOS)
  • Environment Flavien Dumont (BONNET-THIRODE GC)
  • International Sophie Caillarec (CAPIC)? CSR Eric Buffet (WINTERHALTER)

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