An association in Thailand calls for an end to the dog meat trade

The Soi Dog Foundation has relaunched its campaign to end the dog meat trade in Asia after the Covid-19 pandemic hampered progress in 2020 and 2021.

With many pandemic-related restrictions now lifted, Soi Dog is once again tackling this horrible trade across the region.

Why specifically fight against the dog meat trade?

Domestic pigs can be just as affectionate as dogs, and they’re just as smart, so why fight against it?

You should know that in some Asian countries, dogs are not slaughtered like other animals.

Dogs are usually beaten for several days before being slaughtered, as lovers of this particular delicacy crave the adrenaline the meat gives after this cruel treatment.

The Soi Dog Foundation Campaign

The “Last Country on Earth” campaign was created to pressure all Asian countries to end the trade in dog and cat meat.

Soi Dog has been fighting the dog and cat meat trade in Asia for more than ten years.

With the help of several governments and private organizations, this inhumane trade was effectively eradicated in Thailand in 2014, the same year the foundation was influential in helping pass Thailand’s first animal welfare law. .

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Between 2011 and 2014, thousands of dogs were rescued, and nearly 800 were rehabilitated and relocated around the world.

You should know that it is mainly Vietnamese refugees, settled in northern Thailand, who consume dog meat in the country.

Stop eating dog meat in Asia

Campaign against the consumption of dog meat in Korea

Soi Dog has since targeted neighboring countries, lobbying authorities to change legislation and working with active local animal rescue groups like ARC (Animal Rescue Cambodia) and ARK119 (Animal Rescue Korea 119) to help put an end to this barbaric practice.

In partnership with ARK 119, they have successfully closed 13 farms and three slaughterhouses in South Korea, and some of the rescued dogs have already found new homes overseas earlier this year.

The foundation also focuses on Vietnam, the Asian country with the highest consumption of dog and cat meat per capita.

According to data collected by Soi Dog on the ground in Vietnam, there are 700 dog meat restaurants in the capital city of Hanoi alone.

To keep up with demand, stray dogs and pets are routinely captured, transported and then slaughtered in the most inhumane manner.

In addition to its existing work in South Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam, as part of the foundation’s revival in the fight against the trade, Soi Dog has now incorporated a project in the Philippines, where an estimated 200 000 dogs are caught in the illegal trade every year.

Fight against dog meat consumption in the Philippines

The foundation has partnered with the Manila-based Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) to fight the dog meat trade in a country where there are already laws prohibiting the slaughter and consumption of dogs.

AKF is a partner of the Philippine National Police and other national agencies responsible for enforcing laws against animal cruelty, particularly the dog meat trade.

The focus is on raids on illegal premises, the interception of dogs transported for slaughter and the sentencing of the culprits.

In the Philippines, the illegal trade continues underground, particularly in the city of Baguio, in the north of the island of Luzon, and in the south of the country, on the island of Mindanao.

The “Last Country on Earth” campaign targets the dog meat trade across Asia, taking into account the variations of this trade and highlighting the different approaches required to achieve the same goal in all countries where it is widespread.

The initiative covers a wide field of action, from an online campaign to show how cruel the dog meat trade is, to a street campaign by several independent groups to research rabies and shut down dog meat restaurants, slaughterhouses and other related small businesses.

Enforcement is just as important as prohibiting trade.

According to John Dalley, co-founder of the Soi Dog Foundation, “Our plans are not just about getting countries to ban trade, but also about making sure the laws are followed – like we did in Thailand. “

To maximize impact at scale, Soi Dog and its allies will consult with national leaders in favor of significant legislative reform, such as the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, to insist that the consumption of dog meat and cat is a health threat including rabies and possible future zoonoses that needs to be brought to light to improve public health in the country.

The Soi Dog Foundation will do everything possible, together with the international alliance, to sensitize these countries to the campaign, otherwise they risk being forever known as the “last country on earth”, still eating the best friend of the world. ‘man.

You can help by signing Soi Dog’s letter to the Philippine government, urging them to crack down and end this illegal and barbaric trade once and for all.

The existing ban is great progress, but it is not enough.

Laws must be enforced.

Thousands of dogs are still tortured and killed each year in this horrible underground industry.

With your support, Soi Dog can influence the government to take decisive action and impose tougher penalties on those who break the law.

The greater the social and political pressure exerted on dog meat traders, the more dogs will be spared.

Sign Soi Dog’s petition to the Philippine government.

For more information on efforts to end this trade in countries around the world, visit

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Source: Chiang Rai Times

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