Are you ready for Google Analytics 4?

A major change in the platform Google Analytics will take place in 2023 and it will affect the way you collect your data on your website. Indeed, if you use the version Universal Analytics (UA) of Google Analyticsyou should know that this version will no longer be supported as of July 1, 2023. It is therefore important to quickly plan the transition to the new version, called Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Do not be afraid, surf can help you.

First of all, know that Universal Analytics will stop collecting any new information from July 1, 2023. All of your data before this date will still be available for a period of 6 months before being completely deactivated. A planned transition to GA4 is therefore appropriate if you do not want to start all over again!

Although this is a significant change, the benefits will be noticeable. In addition to the new navigation interface, GA4 offers significant improvements over AUthat is:

  • The creation and management of more relevant and effective audience segments;
  • Improved and ultra-customizable analytical and e-commerce performance reports;
  • Solutions to overcome the discrepancies caused, among other things, by the imminent disappearance of third-party cookies (3rd party cookies);
  • Cross-platform tracking that better understands your visitors’ user journey from device to device;
  • A better calculation of the conversion, acquisition, engagement and retention metrics of your website visitors;
  • The possibility of taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and better understand the needs of your audience;
  • And much more.

At the house of surf, we know how essential the information collected by this tool is for your organization and that 2023 is coming very quickly, we recommend that you make the change of platform now. This is also a great opportunity to refresh your Analytics platform setup, make optimizations tailored to your needs, and take full advantage of all the business intelligence tools that GA offer you.

A personalized and optimized migration of AU towards GA4 represents a considerable time of planning, implementation, as well as several tests of deployment. This upstream work makes it possible to target and set up tracking to measure the KPIs that are relevant and adapted to your company and your business objectives. Our team of specialists is ready to support you in order to optimize the platform with you.

It is important to allow as much time as possible between the change and the July 1, 2023 deadline, since GA4 will start collecting information as soon as it is installed. The sooner the platform installation is completed, the sooner you will have historical data to work with next July. In order to facilitate this whole process, we can help you make this change and offer advice on how to use GA4 optimally.

The team of surf is staffed with analysts, strategists and digital experts who can help you see through this big change. If you want to learn more, get help with transitioning, optimizing, backing up data, setting up GA4 or ask questions about the new interface, contact us today. It will be our pleasure to help you.



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