ASAC NEO VIE, the new life insurance policy, insured by Spirica, distributed by Asac-Fapès – Savings guide

Asac Neo Life

ASAC-FAPES announces the launch of Asac Neo Vie, its new 100% digital multi-support life insurance policy in partnership with Spirica. Asac Neo vie is a collective life insurance policy taken out by the Asac association with Spirica. This new contract 0% fees on payments and accessible from €500.

We are particularly proud to announce the launch of our new life insurance contract in partnership with Spirica. After the PER, we once again chose Spirica for its financial solidity and its capacity for innovation, which today allow us to offer a top-of-the-range contract that is 100% digital and equipped with dynamic and diversified financial tools to offer to our savers real prospects of return » declares Thomas Delannoy, Deputy Managing Director of FAPES Diffusion.

We are delighted to partner again with ASAC-FAPES through this new Asac Neo Vie contract, after the launch of the PER in October 2021. ASAC-FAPES is driven by an ethical and united vision of savings, supporting them and contributing development of this offer is a real opportunity for Spirica to share this vision. » Daniel Collignon, Managing Director of Spirica

Complete financial offer

ASAC Neo Vie offers a complete financial offer:

  • more than 500 supports in units of account,
  • the New Generation euro fund,
  • the growth fund,
  • 18 SCPIs,
  • 10 OPCIs,
  • 7 SC/SCI,
  • Access to live securities (110 live securities): 60 companies listed in Paris – 31 companies listed on the EuroStoxx 50 – 18 companies listed on the US markets,
  • 5 Private Equity vehicles
  • More than 38 ETFs covering the most important market indices,
  • More than 40 “sustainable development” funds,
  • Managed Management.

New Generation Euro Funds

This fund in euros offers several characteristics and in particular:

  • A preserved ratchet effect: the gains obtained on the contracts are definitively acquired
  • Expected return higher than traditional euro funds thanks to a more diversified asset allocation share than traditional euro funds: 70% on bonds and 30% on diversified assets, invested in asset classes that are buoyant at the search for long-term performance.
  • And preserved accessibility to the Euro New Generation fund, from 25% UC for any payment or arbitration (according to the investment grid in force).

A Long-Term Allocation Growth support

This support targets a potential and uncertain future return objective of between 3% and 5% annually net of fees. 2021 performance: 4.88% net of management fees and excluding social and tax deductions.

Past returns are not indicative of future returns. For the part of the guarantees expressed in shares of the diversification provision, the amounts invested are not guaranteed but are subject to upward or downward fluctuations depending in particular on the evolution of the financial markets.

Two management modes

  1. Free management (Euro Funds – Long-Term Allocation Growth Support and access to more than 500 units of account),
  2. Managed management with Three profiles offered by OFI AM.

Contract fees

  • Charges on payment: 0%
  • Exit fee: 0%
  • Annual management fees on the Euro New Generation fund: 2%
  • Annual fees on CUs: 0.50%
  • Annual Managed Management fees: 0.26%
  • Arbitration fees: 0% on the internet and €15 maximum per paper or between management methods
  • Money Management Options Fee: 0%
  • Management fees on the Long-Term Allocation Growth Support: 1% and 10% on the performance if it is positive within the framework of the financial performance fees. There are other fees applicable to the contract. All of these costs can be consulted in the General Conditions of the contract.

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