Batch. “Mel in Pot”, the union of Vietnamese and European cuisine near Cahors

Mélanie Pacaud will open “Mel in Pot”, with her Vietnamese dishes to take away near Cahors from the fall of 2022. (©Actu Lot)

Melanie PacaudFranco-Vietnamese living in Cahors in the Batch, appropriated Vietnamese culture through cooking, and in particular from her grandmother with whom her family met. In order to find the Asian culinary offer, and in particular Vietnamese, which she enjoyed savoring in Paris, she began to to cookfor itself, vietnamese dishes, 17 years ago, leaving the capital.

Having attended the National School of Applied Sciences and Crafts in Paris, for her, cooking is like Art, it generates various emotions, memories.

The origin of “Mel in Pot”

For several years, Mélanie Pacaud has been planning to set up her catering business, with her dual Vietnamese and French influence. In 2021, she decided to take the plunge, resigned from her job at “Biocoop Cahors” to think about her project, and contacted suppliers. This is how the birth of the “Mel in Pot” project began, which refers to the diminutive of his first name and to the “melting pot”, the mixing of cultures.

This year 2022, Mélanie Pacaud has found premises for her laboratory, in connection with the municipality, at 118 Grand’rue, in Laroque-des-Arcs, with parking nearby. “Mel in Pot”, starting next fall, will mainly offer take-out sales. Its offer will be complementary to other Asian restaurants in Cahors, with essentially family dishes, 100% Vietnamese, such as bo-bun, which is the first dish it learned to cook, with raw vegetables, banh-mi, a sandwich Franco-Vietnamese, made with pork, raw vegetables, coriander, or Pho, meat simmered in broth.

Mélanie Pacaud presents Vietnamese cuisine as a cuisine where aromatic plants have a large place. At Mel in Pot, she wants to work exclusively with local producers, and if possible organic. Its menu, reduced but 100% Vietnamese, with a European influence, will include vegetarian dishes.

Eco-responsible company

“Mel in Pot” will be an eco-responsible company, where waste will be either recycled or composted. In her premises, in Laroque-des-Arcs, from the fall, in addition to the take-out sale, Mélanie Pacaud will lead cooking classes, for all levels, in order to allow people to learn to cook products that they do not know. She also plans to go to the Cahors markets.

To finance the professional equipment of her laboratory, in Laroque-des-Arcs, or even a refrigerated showcase, for the markets, she launched crowdfunding on the site (“mel in pot cantine viet”) where to date, 60% of the objective has already been achieved. Mélanie Pacaud, who benefits from the support of the BGE and the Chamber of Trades, saw her “Mel in Pot” project shortlisted in the “Talents des cités” competition in Occitanie.

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With Lili Bowl de Cahors throughout the month of August

Before the start of her activity, in the fall, Mélanie Pacaud, with “Mel in Pot”, all this month of August 2022, collaborates with the vegetarian restaurant “Lili Bowl”, located at 12, rue Daurade, in Cahors. Every day, alongside a dish from Julie Giverne, the restaurant manager, you will discover a Vietnamese dish, signed Mélanie Pacaud.

With Mel in Pot and Mélanie Pacaud, savor the marriage of Europe and Asia.


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