Before West Ham – Manchester City: Kevin de Bruyne in the midst of a metamorphosis: A little less assists, a lot more goals

Kevin de Bruyne is one of those rare players accustomed to double-doubles. Since the start of his career, the Belgian has completed six seasons having delivered at least ten assists and scored ten club goals in all competitions. Although it will also be a vintage of excellence, the 2021-2022 financial year will mark a real difference on the CV of “KdB”. He, the playmaker, exceptional passer, face of the Guardolian concepts, is about to close a new record with many more goals than offerings.

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World reference in the exercise of the last pass, the leader of Manchester City has decided to change software this year. The role of servant was no longer enough for him. And even if his club has just released the checkbook to afford a formidable scorer, the Red Devil is trying more and more to finish. With success. Two days before the curtain down in the Premier League, the former Chelsea player has already scored fifteen times, and four times in the League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League. This brings his total to 19 units, for “only” 12 assists in all in these competitions.

“Before, he only thought about assists”

Last week, in Wolverhampton, the 30-year-old midfielder even offered himself the first quadruple of his career, a month after having aligned four consecutive matches with at least one achievement. In short, the exploits of de Bruyne look more and more like those of the best attackers on the continent. It’s a real surprise for an already mature player who, a few months ago, described the action of his dreams to our colleagues from France Football: “I would say… A decisive pass that I should have given between several defenders. You know what I mean ? A ball brushed just enough to land in the back of the defense, while remaining out of reach of the goalkeeper.”

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So make no mistake: de Bruyne still likes to distribute caviars. He simply discovered a belated attraction to the goal. “Before, he only thought about assistssmiled his coach Pep Guardiola last week. But now I feel like he’s like, ‘I like it when my teammates come and hug me because I scored a goal.’ This is a good thing !“In reality, this new trend arose naturally from the instructions of the Spanish coach who has not ceased, in recent months, to desert the heart of the opposing surface, including when he was fielding a professional centre-forward (Gabriel Jesus most of the time).

Confused defenders

An axis player who is always able to serve his wingers, de Bruyne took advantage of his old automatisms to surprise defenders and try his hand at striking, sometimes at the entrance to the surface, often within it. “He must arrive in the zone of truthunderlined Guardiola. This season he has done it better and better.” Especially since the Belgian has another great strength: he is almost as precise with his left foot as with his right.

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Enough to make, here too, his or her vis-à-vis completely crazy. “My right foot is my best foot, but I’m never afraid to shoot with the lefthe confided on Sky Sports. Even if it doesn’t fit, it causes problems for the opponents because they won’t be as close to the mark anymore. And so there will be passing opportunities through.” A virtuous circle.

Better still, de Bruyne is more and more often the detonator, thanks to extremely early goals. And often in extremely important meetings. In recent weeks, for example, he found the opening in the first five minutes of the match against Manchester United (4-1), Liverpool (2-2) or Real Madrid in the semi-final first leg of the C1 (4 -3). At Molineux, he even offered himself a double in just over a quarter of an hour. What make the life of his team a little easier. And satisfy his coach: “What more can i say ?asked Guardiola. During the second part of the season, he was close to perfection.”

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