Better Assured, online insurance between practicality and simplicity

Today, insurers go much further than a simple quote and subscription. The customer experience now includes a more straight-forward and personalized follow-up according to the subscriber’s needs. Smartphone in hand, everyone wants to contract and manage their insurance contracts anywhere and anytime. Companies must now be able to respond to growing digital demand, a direct consequence of the ongoing technological revolution. New player on the French market since January 2021, Better Insured stands out with a 100% online insurance offer for cars and homes.

At Mieux Assuré, 80% of contracts are taken out online, a figure that perfectly illustrates the growing demand for a digital offer. Where the majority of insurers receive 90% of subscription requests by telephone, Mieux Assur makes only 20% but does not neglect this service with qualified employees and experts in the field of insurance. Furthermore, all of the teams are based in France and the company has no platform abroad.

Adaptability, responsiveness and proximity

The fully digital offer could accentuate the distance between the insurer and the insured and cause complications when a problem occurs, but at Mieux Assured, the customer experience is placed at the heart of the business strategy. Each client or future client benefits from a dedicated contact with real expertise in the field. “Thanks to our responsiveness, we can guarantee a certain virtual proximity,” says Emmanuel Poyatos, founder of the start-up. “We also have several entry channels, social networks like Instagram Facebook and Whatsapp on which we exchange a lot with our customers, the chat and the email address but also the telephone which remains a very used means of exchange”.

With the aim of offering an ever more personalized user experience, Better Assured also allows its customers to obtain tailor-made guarantees according to their budget. “The goal is to simplify and popularize insurance to allow everyone to clearly understand what type of contract they really need. We had to manage to make insurance consumption as simple as possible and that’s what we did,” explains Emmanuel Poyatos. A real practicality which allows the customer to be advised and oriented on what is the most interesting in order to have a better control of his budget.

Home, car and soon motorcycle insurance

Since its creation at the beginning of last year, Mieux Assuré has continued to evolve and now has around thirty employees. Each month, approximately 2,000 contracts are distributed for home and car insurance. A figure which should increase drastically since the young company will soon extend its offer to motorcycle insurance by the beginning of 2023. A simple step since the borrower insurance, thehealth insurance or even the various pocket guarantees such as smartphones or electric scooters, for example, should also be developed.

“We want Mieux Assuré to be able to offer, through its website, a guarantee that the customer will necessarily need in his everyday life,” says Emmanuel Poyatos, who aims to be able to distribute between 8,000 and 10,000 contracts per months within three years and does not rule out developing abroad as well. Built on its own funds, the start-up wishes to grow while maintaining the essential values ​​of society and always placing the customer and his needs at the heart of the process.

In order to meet the growing demand of their consumers, insurers now want to intensify their technological deployment as well as the digitalization of their services and to apply this dynamic to the entire distribution ecosystem. Due to its specificity and its guideline, Mieux Assuré has perfectly known how to jump on the bandwagon and is gradually establishing itself as a player that counts on the insurance market. online insurance.

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