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Passionate about cooking, nature lover, the voice of Jérôme Jaegle is little known to the general public. Too bad, he has so much to teach us. This son and grandson of butchers opened in his hometown, Kaysersberg, L’Alchémille. In this former bar-PMU, he does wonders with a cuisine based on local products, some of which come directly from his 4,000 m2 vegetable garden. Several plots on which he grows vegetables, fruits, roots in permaculture and which supply 80% of his restaurant.

The Michelin Green Star, reward for eco-responsible gastronomy

We received the Michelin star as well as the green badge which salutes the philosophy of our house focused on well-being and the future. These two awards honor us every day. We are lucky to have been part of the first promotion of the green star, the first fifty restaurants in France hailed for their work on ecology and the environment. So inevitably, this award touches us particularly, especially since we were the first in Alsace. For the team, it’s a great pride.

Back to basics in Kaysersberg in Alsace

We opened our restaurant in Kaysersberg with a lot of conviction, passion, and the desire to transmit the richness of the local terroir. I grew up in this city, then I traveled about twenty years… And then, in 2015, we decided with my wife to put our suitcases here, to create a place of life and exchange.

How to pick blueberries?

Some pick the fruit with a comb. But this technique damages the plants, especially when the combs are misused. I go by hand. I campaign to use only fingers if we want there to be left for future generations.

The blueberry pie, an infinite delicacy

Blueberry is a little gem. I often compare it to the early season pea. This childish ball, its texture… For me, it takes me back to childhood. Like blueberry pie! Imagine, a chef like me installed on the side of hills, surrounded by forests… Every summer since I was a kid, I have been picking blueberries. This fruit and this pie evoke many memories for me.

I love blueberry pie with whipped cream, quite simply ! It brings fat and gluttony. Nothing else, the blueberry is enough on its own. I’m quite a purist. When you work in sugar, you shouldn’t look for noon to two o’clock. When it’s good, that’s enough. By wanting to do too much, sometimes we make a mistake.

In the farmhouses above the city, blueberry pie is one of the most popular desserts during the season. Nothing better, after a walk, than stopping at a farm inn and eating a big slice, very thick… It’s infinitely delicious. Each cook has his own knack, his little secret… Some add flan, others vanilla… I prefer it with Mint. Each his own !

Chef Jérôme Jaegle’s advice for a successful blueberry tart

I like to put the blueberries in a mint sugar. I rub mint leaves in the sugar before adding the blueberries to make them raw candied. Then, when cooked, the fruit develops other flavors. It’s interesting when it stews, lightly, without overcooking.

I often make small pies with blueberries with mint. And I serve them like sweets, like jewels for dessert.

I mainly work with a shortbread. It brings a lot of greed. The buttered and shortbread side of the dough is absolutely magnificent with this fruit.

How much fruit in a blueberry pie?

“It’s hard to tell you exactly. But the mold has to be full. I like when the pie is full, well garnished. When, in the mouth, it goes all over the place. We’ve all done that when we were a kid: a big blue smile, from the tongue to the teeth, after biting into it.”

How long does a blueberry pie bake?

The cooking time depends on the size of the pie. It takes 45 minutes to 1 hour for a large format. It can also be a shorter cooking for a tartlet mounted on the plate at the last minute.

Article published in the special issue Woman Current “The sun in the plate” of June 2022.

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