Business insurance: offerings increasingly adapted to new needs

For a business manager, business insurance allows you to carry out your activity more peacefully, with the guarantee of being covered and accompanied in the event of a bodily or material accident. Depending on the size, the seniority of his company, the offers are flexible. You can even opt for citizen insurance promoting prevention and green solutions.

Unforeseen events punctuate the life of a company, subject to the laws of the market, to the economic situation, and today for some to shortages of raw materials. This is without mentioning the difficulty of recruiting in certain sectors, and the salary increases already made or to be planned to compensate for the loss of purchasing power of employees…

The year 2022 is complicated for many business leaders! To avoid additional worries, business insurance allows you to look to the future more serenely. Knowing that you are covered in the event of an unforeseen event, such as a flood, an accident, a dispute, etc. is reassuring, especially since not only the premises and the goods are then taken into account, but also the employees, third parties, and your own family.

Company: the possible insurances to practice with complete peace of mind

There are many ways to hedge against risks when you are a business owner:

  • Professional civil liability insurance

Commercial liability protects against damage caused by personnel, or their professional equipment, inside or outside the company. It encompasses the risks involving the manager in the event of a dispute with an employee, or a management fault.

  • Professional multi-risk insurance

A disaster can jeopardize the sustainability of your business. As floods and storms become more frequent, businesses are not immune to a fire either. More comprehensive than professional civil liability, professional multi-risk insurance protects both equipment, goods about to be shipped, and also stocks.

Axa’s business insurance offers to choose a formula dedicated to small businesses.

Professional legal protection allows you to be covered in the event of a dispute with a customer, a supplier, an employee, a competitor, etc. Several formulas are possible, depending on whether you are a young company or a more established company.

  • Professional pension insurance

Occupational pension insurance protects against damage caused by the entrepreneur, his employees, the premises, or the equipment. Provident contracts provide protection in the event of accident, serious illness or disability, and concern company directors, their families and employees.

There is now a special insurance for carers, which protects those people who care for an elderly or disabled relative, and who continue to work.

Each employer has the obligation to offer complementary health insurance to his employees, but the needs are not the same according to his age, his family situation, and the state of health of his relatives. This is why Axa offers flexible offers, and additional guarantees for employees or their relatives who need a higher level of protection.

  • Pro citizen insurance

Axa’s citizen offer allows you to pay for your insurance up to half the price when you have taken preventive measures. It also participates, among other things, in work that reduces greenhouse gas emissions from damaged property.

So many proposals that are better and better adapted to new needs, and which respond to the new eco-citizen concerns of the French.

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