Can an alarm lower your home insurance?

Although it is not mandatory for owners, protecting your home with home insurance is strongly recommended. Only, we are forced to note that the cost of insurance has been following an increasing curve for several years. In a context where inflation is reaching record highs in France, many of you are looking for various ways to save money on your current expenses. You might be able to kill two birds with one stone by installing an alarm system in your home. Indeed, this potentially allows you to lower your home insurance. Let’s see this in more detail.

Risk exposure

Insurance contracts have different levels of requirements, depending on the insurer and your situation. Sometimes installing an alarm is compulsory to benefit from a home insurance, especially if your home is considered at risk. This is generally the case for detached houses, second homes and dwellings containing valuables.

Depending on your exposure to the risk of burglary, the insurer may require the installation of a security system that meets certain conditions. To find out more about the different levels of alarms, consult the websites offering you a free security quote.

Home insurance and alarm

The cost of home insurance is always personalized. Indeed, the insurer will determine its amount according to several criteria, such as the geographical area, the value of your home, the date of construction and location of the property, the deductibles, your status, as well as the security of your home. It is this last point that particularly interests us. Indeed, it conditions the assessment of your level of risk, and thus, the cost of your home insurance.

Logically, the presence of an alarm in your home reduces the risk of intrusion and burglary. Insurers take this parameter into account and generally apply a reduction of contributions from 10 to 15%. Depending on the level of protection provided by the alarm system, the deductible in case of burglary can be completely removed. Note, however, that insurers do not offer reimbursement for the installation of an alarm. On the other hand, depending on the partnerships between the insurers and the security companies, you could benefit from a installation fee waiver, or even a reduction in the price of the equipment. You can thus optimize the security of your home at a more affordable price, while reducing your insurance costs.

If the installation of an alarm is not mandatory, remember to send a copy of your invoice to the insurer.

The flight guarantee

The theft guarantee is not necessarily included in the home insurance contract. Its content varies from one contract to another, involving different levels of requirements. Depending on your situation, the insurer may ask you to install a specific security system if you wish to benefit from the theft guarantee.

We differentiate between the following two systems :

  • Classic alarms. They mainly have a deterrent role, triggering a siren when an intruder tries to enter your home. They are fairly basic and offer a fairly modest level of protection.
  • Remote monitoring systems. The alarm is connected to your telephone, in order to alert you in the event of an intrusion. More generally, it is connected to a remote monitoring center, which can involve the police in the event of a confirmed intrusion.

CCTV systems are more likely to give you a discount on your home insurance policy.

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