Carlos Alcaraz, future world number 1 in tennis?

Carlos Alcaraz was born on May 5, 2003 in El Palmar, a Spanish town located in the region of Murcia. Brown, short hair and brown eyes, he started playing tennis at the age of four. He quickly develops a preference for clay courts. The former tennis number 1, his compatriot Rafael Nadal is his idol.

The Spaniard was only 15 years old when he became a professional player in 2018. He won his first match on the ATP circuit against Albert Ramos-Vinolas at the Rio de Janeiro tournament in Brazil. This success propelled him to the rank of 406th in the world. Since then, Carlos Alcaraz has never stopped breaking records and climbing the ladder in the world of tennis on clay.

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An early bomb

Before Sunday, Carlos Alcaraz had won 4 titles on the ATP professional circuit. ATP 250 in Croatia last year, ATP 500 in Rio in February 2022, Masters 1000 in Miami in March 2022, ATP 500 in Barcelona last week. And, the latest is the Masters 1000 in Madrid. Alcaraz now has five titles to its name.

A year earlier, the young Spaniard was only 114th in the world. Since Sunday, his name has been on the lips of all fans and professionals of this sport. We see him already walking in the footsteps of his elder Rafael Nadal.

Carlos Alcaraz will probably soon become one of the best players in the world. I think he’s going to leapfrog very quickly.Rafael Nadal, May 2021

In the history of the Masters, the latter started the professional circuit at 15 and also won his first tournament at 18. And, at just 19, Nadal won his first title at Roland-Garros.

In May 2021, Rafael Nadal who spoke about the young tennis player said: “Carlos Alcaraz will probably soon become one of the best players in the world. I think he’s going to skip the steps“.

The young tennis player has 28 victories to his name and is also the player with the most matches won in 2022. The recent dizzying rise of the young Spaniard draws a bright future.

By beating Nadal, Djokovic, and Zverev throughout his week in Madrid, he became the youngest player to beat three top-5 players in a single tournament since the ATP Tour was founded in 1990.

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After this 5th title on his list, Carlos Alcaraz gives up the Rome tournament and prefers to concentrate on that of Roland-Garros which will be held in two weeks (May 22 – June 5) in Paris. In the meantime, he takes the time to treat his badly twisted right ankle against Nadal, and a little swollen on Sunday morning.

Carlos Alcaraz’s coach is known in the tennis world. His name is Juan Carlos Ferrero. He is a former world number 1 and winner of Roland-Garros in 2003. For more than two years, in his Equalite academy, Juan Carlos Ferrero has been working with the new Spanish star.

I really want to go to Paris, to fight for a Grand Slam (title). To show my level.Carlos Alcaraz

Conquering Roland-Garros?

To be 100% there in Paris, Alcaraz prefers to give up Rome next week, to take the time to treat his badly twisted right ankle against Nadal, and a little more swollen on Sunday morning.

Roland-Garros is special for me, because it’s the first Grand Slam where I reached the third round, last year, winning good matches, playing at a very good level. This year, it’s true that people will make me a favorite for Roland-Garros, but I take it as a source of motivation, not pressure. I really want to go to Paris, to fight for a Grand Slam. I want to show my level in Grand Slam. This title, and these victories against Rafael and Djokovic and Zverev, give me a lot of confidence to go to Roland-Garros, to aim for the title in Paris.

At 19, Carlos Alcaraz is already in the world Top 10 of Tennis. In the final, he is intractable. He has never conceded even a set.

“I like to be aggressive, to score a lot of direct points. Mour style more or less resembles that of Roger Federer”, confess spanish.

The young tennis star does not hide his ambition, not without a touch of insolence but with a certain lucidity.

I consider myself a player who is playing very well at the moment. I lost from the start in Monte-Carlo and I was able to learn from this defeat, and continue to train for Barcelona and Madrid. I consider that I play very, very well and I believe that I am a difficult opponent for the other players. I don’t consider myself the best player in the world because I won Barcelona, ​​beat Rafael Nadal and Djokovic, and won here in Madrid. I saw that I was going to be world No.6 tomorrow (Monday), so I have five players left to overcome to become the best player in the world.”.

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