Human capital and disability insurance

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Disability insurance can replace income in the event of an inability to work, but there are also complementary solutions. (Photo: 123RF) GUEST EXPERT. Most people know the importance of protecting their income in the event of disability. Disability insurance replaces income in the event of an inability to work. Obviously, we would like to replace … Read more

Insurance: The outlook for the sector

Assurances: Les perspectives du secteur

In Morocco, the sector is facing a major regulatory challenge, as recalled Khadija El Moussily, senior analyst at BMCE Capital Global Research, during a webinar organized by the Professional Association of Brokerage Companies (APSB ) and the Casablanca Stock Exchange. This challenge is the famous Risk-Based Solvency (SBR) project, a close cousin of Solvency II … Read more

what does it support?

what does it support?

You are reading this article on Cover provided by the company Unpaid rent insurance, also called unpaid rent guarantee (GLI), covers the tenant’s failure to pay his rent. It is taken out by the lessor with an insurance company which will set the conditions for intervention of the insurance and the maximum amount of rent … Read more

“At Euro-Assurance (Assu 2000), you must always be ready to accept new assignments in order to evolve”

"At Euro-Assurance (Assu 2000), you must always be ready to accept new assignments in order to evolve"

In Tangier as in France, can one, and is it easy to denounce inappropriate behavior on the part of one’s boss or a co-worker? Many BPO hubs (what the Anglo-Saxons call the shared service centers) in the insurance sector, marketplaces or call centers are now located in the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region and employ many young … Read more

these major challenges facing companies

these major challenges facing companies

Written by Soubha Es-Siari | After more than a year of chaotic crisis, the insurance sector is returning to its normal pre-pandemic level. On the other hand, this should not obscure the fact that the sector, due to its role in economic development, faces multiple challenges that it is imperatively called upon to meet. The … Read more

Saham Assurance: strong recovery in 2021

Saham Assurance: strong recovery in 2021

It is not wrong to say that the 2021 financial year is significantly better than that of 2020, although the effects of the crisis have not completely disappeared. Notwithstanding the shock of the crisis, the financial year was marked by the continuation of projects carried out by the regulator Acaps, in particular the implementation of … Read more

Takaful companies face the challenge of profitability

Assurances: les compagnies Takaful face au défi de la rentabilité

VSoops of accelerator for the Takaful companies. After the publication of the ministerial decree setting the terms of the activity, the Supervisory Authority for Insurance and Social Welfare (ACAPS) hastened to publish its circular governing it at the end of October. A comprehensive text that will support the development of the sector. ACAPS took the … Read more