Chiellini and Allegri in front of the media before the grand final against Inter Milan |

Massimiliano Allegri and Giorgio Chiellini were at a press conference on Tuesday evening to discuss the grand final of the Italian Cup to come this Wednesday evening against Inter Milan on the lawn of the Stadio Olimpico.

Here is a small anthology of their statements, starting with the Turin central defender who is living his last weeks as a Juventus player.

Is tomorrow your last big meeting with Juventus?

“This game is so important that it will be played over episodes. It will take enthusiasm, but that’s the basis, we will have to understand the moments in the match where we will have to suffer, we will have to do it all together and when we have the opportunity to hit Inter we will have to score goals with a lot of clarity and balance without the hysteria of the case. It is not always possible to succeed, but Juventus have in their DNA that of playing to win every trophy. It would give you more momentum to start winning the Scudetto again which I believe is the real goal for next year.”

What scares you the most with this Inter team?

“With Inter the games are always balanced and the details make the difference. I’m sorry for Alex Sandro but without his injury we would have been on penalties and it would have been a different game. In the league I have honestly saw a lot of balance in the games we played. It must make us realize even more how important the bouts will be tomorrow night. Inter have great players, they are a complete team and strong in all departments “We saw last year and this year too, that only a few things have changed. They have great players and we have to try to counter them with respect but without fear. Judging a season is now impossible. elsewhere it’s not mine, but they’re doing their best and two trophies would change everything. I think Inzaghi did a great job and it wasn’t easy.”

What message would you ultimately leave by winning the twentieth trophy with Juve?

“Actually it would be 20+1, given we’re playing Inter and there’s a rivalry, let’s light it…I feel like an older brother to this guy and I hope that I have always left something to everyone in everyday life, both here and in the national team. Juventus has certain values, it has a DNA that I did not create. I only learned it and moving forward, when you come to Juve you understand those values. The coach, for example, who lived in Milan can talk about diversity. Juventus needs the identity I learned from Buffon, Del Piero , Birindelli, Pessotto. There is always a common thread in the history of Juve.”

Massimiliano Allegri’s turn

How do you feel before this final?

“Tomorrow will be a great evening. The Italian derby, we play against a difficult team to play, but we have always had good games against them. It will take patience, clarity and reading the game. So maybe that football is strange after two minutes, the game is unlocked and everything changes. The important thing is to have the serenity and clarity to play a good game, put in a good performance and try to bring the cup home.”

Can the Italian Cup save the season?

“The team started badly, then we made a run to hit an important result: to play the Champions League every year is an important result, which Juve have always achieved. Once the season is over, we will try to improve 360 degrees and to be ready to start again. We are more advantaged than this year. If we win the season tomorrow, it’s fine. If we lose, the season is catastrophic. These are assessments that should not be made : Winning would be great, but we have to start again next year trying to win and be more competitive.”

Tell us about your coach season

“Losing Ronaldo in three days was not easy. Then I had to meet the boys and then we lost Chiesa. Tomorrow Chiesa and McKennie are also called up. I was sure that after passing the round of the Champions League, we would improve and so it was.: then the club gave us a big helping hand by buying Vlahovic. From there we started an important race, which ended with the defeat against the ‘Inter. Tomorrow we will play a final: to be there you have to get there otherwise you can watch it on TV. has created a base of knowledge between me and the players and me and the club after three years. I am happy with that and I am convinced that next year we will have a much better chance of fighting for the Scudetto and arriving in March in the best conditions. Now we have the cup. Italy: bringing it home would be good, then we will have the last two games and we must try to finish r the season in the best possible way to plan the next one”.

Clues on the composition?

“I have my doubts. Tomorrow morning or afternoon I will have to say something to him just to tell him who is on the pitch. Chiellini will play safely, Perin as well as Paulo Dybala. In the middle in addition to Miretti, I brought Nicolussi who was very unlucky and couldn’t come out of this injury the other day I saw the under 23s and I enjoyed it because they played well technically and I liked it. I therefore brought as a reward.”

What do you think of Vlahovic’s debut?

“I hope he gets two. Other than that he’s calm and he was calm even after Genoa. The goal numbers are good. It’s difficult to score in every game, he’s between games that he doesn’t score, but when Cristiano arrived he didn’t score. He scored for 4 or 5 games”.


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