Child health insurance: how to choose?

Why take out mutual insurance for your child?

For babies and children, it is above all a question of benefiting from appropriate medical follow-up in order to monitor their development and prevent or treat potential childhood illnesses.

Although the Health Insurance provides coverage of your family’s health costs, the health coverage offered is not sufficient.

As such, opting for a child health insurance allows you to :

  • Benefit from enhanced guarantees to take care of the specific needs of your children such as orthodontics or consultations with the dermatologist;
  • Adapt the assumption of expenses your child’s health profile;
  • Enjoy better refunds which allow you to quickly recoup the cost of supplementary child health insurance.

Good to know

  • You may have decided not to purchase health insurance. The choice is yours, but it’s a good idea to provide your children with optimal health coverage
  • The general system is in fact too low to cover medical consultations, vaccinations and frequent care in the first years of life.

How to attach your child to his company mutual?

To insure your children, it is possible to attach them to your employee mutual insurance contract. They will in fact benefit from beneficiary status and will be able to benefit from the same guarantees as you.

However, keep in mind that the guarantees chosen according to your health needs may not be suitable for your small family.

Coverage of maternity costs, reimbursement of dental crowns, reimbursement of smoking cessation… These are all benefits that do not concern babies and children.

Converselyyour warranties may not include sufficient coverage for optical care when your child has vision problems and needs to wear glasses.

Also, it is wiser to take out a family mutual insurance contract, adapted to your needs and those of your children. Note that if the latter are attached to your mutual company, they are then covered until the age of 16 years minimum.

Then, your child must meet at least one of these conditions to continue to benefit from your contract as a rightful claimantyou:

  • Pursue studies and be dependent on you
  • To be in learning
  • Being disabled
  • Not being in studies and being unemployed and living under your responsibility.

If you are separated, you can choose dual affiliation : this means that your child will be affiliated with your respective company mutuals.

To do this, simply send your request to Social Security, which then adapts to your mutual.

Note that dual affiliation is mandatory when the two complementary health insurance impose the attachment of children.

How to attach your child to his individual mutual?

If you and/or your spouse have taken out a individual complementary health insuranceit is not always necessary to add an additional contract for your children.

Indeed, a child mutual is not useful since most contracts offer family formulas with decreasing rates for each additional child. Some insurance companies even offer free guarantees from the third child.

No fear to have, therefore, your children are taken care of automatically and benefit from the same guarantees as you.

On the other hand, if only one of you has taken out individual mutual insurance and the other is affiliated with company mutual insurance, it is preferable to insure your children on the second.

In fact, your spouse’s employer pays approximately 50% of contributionswhich is much more advantageous, especially if you have a large family.

Finally, if neither of the two options (linking your child to company mutual insurance or to an individual contract) is suitable, then it is advisable to opt for a independent health insurance contract.

How to choose a complementary health child?

Before taking out mutual health insurance for your child, check that the contract includes the following minimum guarantees:

Then it’s about paying attention to the specific needs of your offspring.

Indeed, the additional guarantees will above all depend on his age:

You will also need to consider your child’s activities and personality! For example, if it is sporty and/or daredevilit may be wise to take out additional cover for hospitalization costs.

If your child has a anxious profileit is advisable to focus on the management of alternative medicine or psychological monitoring.

In any case, know that a child grows quickly and that his needs evolve accordingly. In fact, we cannot highly recommend that you choose a flexible mutualwhich allows you to change your child’s level of cover as you wish and ideally, a mutual insurance company that practices the third-party payment so as not to have to advance the costs.

Finally, one of the essential criteria in the choice of complementary health insurance for children is the price. If it is possible to find cheap children’s health insurancethe guarantees are not always up to the rates.

Compare family mutuals to find the right formula

In the end, what to choose between attaching your child to his company mutual insurance company, affiliating him to his individual contract or taking out independent complementary health insurance?

Because it is sometimes complicated to find your way among all the offers on the market, we suggest that you be accompanied in this process.

Do you want to quickly find the ideal formula for your family? Our mutual insurance comparator is free and offers non-binding quotes: carry out your comparison and find the best family mutual.

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