Collège de Montargis: the chef of the local cuisine!

Chinchon College in Montargis wins the Best Local Buyer award. His students taste fruits, vegetables or poultry from the Loire Valley, and even homemade pastries!

The best ! On April 6, the Chinchon college in Montargis received the prize for Best local buyer, won at the end of the third Approlocal challenge concocted by the Loiret Chamber of Agriculture and the Department. Between September 20 and October 8, 2021, nine other establishments had then committed to supplying themselves with as many local products as possible. Namely: the colleges Le Clos Ferbois (Jargeau), Condorcet (Fleury-les-Aubrais), André Chêne (Fleury-les-Aubrais), Geneviève De Gaulle-Anthonioz (Les Bordes), Montjoie (Saran), Pierre Dézarnaulds (Châtillon -sur-Loire), Gutenberg (Le Malesherbois), the school canteen of Puiseaux (community of communes of Pithiverais Gâtinais) and finally the EHPAD Petit Pierre (Fay-aux-Loges).

Thus, with the average two euros of a meal as a comparison, the college of Chinchon de Montargis takes first place thanks to its 36 cents of local dishes per cover. A winning number collected by relating the number of trays to the amount of orders on the Approlocal platform for connecting with local producers. ” I receive their orders at 6am. Potatoes, lettuce, onions, shallots, radishes at Jardins de Bréau in Corbeilles, fruit at Verger de Montenon in Corquilleroy, free-range poultry at La Ferme du Luteau in Beaune-la-Rolande… enumerates Jérôme Suire, the chef of the Montargo college kitchen. To hell with tin cans, we almost only buy organic, and always fresh. Contrary to popular belief, the bill does not become saltier. In frozen, for example, we buy in larger quantities to compensate for the weight of water lost during cooking. »

Behind the stoves, the three cordon-bleu cooks, the chef and his two seconds, work twice as hard. Your choice: two starters, a mixed salad, two main dishes with different starchy foods and green vegetables, cheese, fruit and, icing on the cake, homemade pastries like today’s crème brûlée, all controlled by a dietitian. ” Of the 200 covers daily, even if the learning of taste is a little more vegetal, we are getting good feedback.rejoices Jérôme Suire. In addition to the title received, our profession is valued, that of local farmers as well. We are not a canteen but a school canteen! “The chef also appreciates that the Department is putting in the work to serve them” a fully equipped kitchen “.

Let’s eat Loiret!

Approlocal is part of the great feast that is the Mangeons Loiret scheme. Jointly led by the Department and the Chamber of Agriculture of Loiret since the end of 2018, it dares to set foot in the dish in order to offer local food, of quality, respectful of the environment, accessible to all and profitable for the producers of the territory. Each year, the community frees up more than one million euros for this purpose.

Approlocal could not have a more evocative name. ” Online since 2020, this platform has around a hundred professional buyers in the Loiret, mainly colleges, a few high schools, health establishments, nursing homes or primary schools, then recently private individuals such as company restaurants, commercial and some grocery stores. They place their orders at the end of mouse clicks to just as many local producers, describes Raphaëlle Henne in charge of the ever-growing project at the Loiret Chamber of Agriculture. If the local offer can present a small deficiency in red meat, it reflects the reality of the territory and especially dulls the costs of logistics and delivery. » Next Approlocal challenge from May 2 to 21, 2022!

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