Cooking recipes for a summer brunch

Despite the scorching heat, nothing prevents us from meeting up with friends or family around a gourmet table. Do you dream of freshness and lightness? This is precisely what we offer you with some recipe ideas for a brunch this summer.

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It is no coincidence that hotels, restaurants and meal delivery specialists offer brunches on their menus. Halfway between breakfast and lunch, this new mode of consumption attracts many gourmets.

Running out of ideas for a brunch at home?

Brunch, the ideal alternative between the traditional meal, breakfast and picnic. Its success comes from its simplicity of preparation and its multiple possibilities. Salty snacks, sweet delicacies, delicacies to nibble… brunch has really become popular and has become a favored choice when organizing weddings or birthdays.

And the advantage is that there is something for everyone. Everyone can serve themselves what they like and everyone can participate in the preparation. Here are some ideas for recipes that are easy to make, light but very tasty!

  • Toasts are popular. Not only are the combinations of flavors countless, but above all it is an opportunity to ensure that everyone creates their ideal dish with the foods provided. The classic ? The association of salmon and avocado, sometimes decorated with an egg. The most original? The spinach-omelet toast or the marriage with apple, blue cheese and honey!
  • The fruit salad: vitamin cocktail with a thousand and one colors. You can put any fruit you like in it. Remember to place it in the refrigerator a few hours before so that it is very fresh and all the more appreciated by young and old gourmets.
  • To end in beauty and style, how about making your first carrot cake topped with a beautiful American-style icing? If this dessert appeals to you, try it recipe of carrot cake made in USA.

What would a brunch be without table decorations?

“Instagrammable” trend or not, brunch is also an opportunity to set a table nicely to make your guests dream. Nature or rural atmosphere, Garden-Party atmosphere, themed brunch… Browsing the Internet, it is quite simply impossible to run out of ideas that are easy to reproduce.

First step: the tablecloth. We recommend a sober model to be able to decorate your color table with the other accessories. For followers of the minimalist style, a simple table runner will also have a great effect!

Crockery and placemats also have a role to play. On the one hand, these elements allow the guests to find their place, but they also bring an additional touch of decoration.

Another tip: do not neglect the centerpiece. For example, you can place a candy box filled with delicious Girard wedding favors (which can be tasted outside of weddings and baptisms of course!).

Finally, for the presentation of the dishes, you can opt for large dishes or a tiered display. For drinks and fresh juices, the trend is towards glass carafes and stoneware jugs.

Tablecloths, fine crockery, bouquets of flowers… Nothing is too good to make this gourmet moment an exceptional moment.

Article produced in partnership with American Recipe and Dragées Girard

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