Coris Assurances now issues surety insurance to Burkinabe companies

Coris Assurances SA has launched the his new product named “Coris VSaution». The ceremony was placed sunder the sponsorship of the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Burkina Faso, Mhashamadi Savadogo. It was this Tuesday July 26 2022 in Ouagadougou.

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Burkina Faso, like other African nations, is resolutely turned towards its development. The achievement of such an objective is linked to the participation of all the components of our country, but also to a broad openness to the business world.

Starting from the observation that the costs of obtaining guarantees are very high, that the processing time is too long, often resulting in loss of opportunities, that the conditions for obtaining are particularly restrictive and the non-recognition of certain guarantees abroad pose a problem, Coris Assurances has put a new product on the Burkinabè market to overcome all these difficulties.

Hadaraï Rabo, Managing Director of Coris assurances

Hadaraï Rabo, Managing Director of Coris assurances affirmed that « Coris Assurances Caution presents itselfe today as an alternative to all the deposit offers presente on the economic place of Burkina Faso. VSis a new innovation from Coris HASssurances that stands out for its flexibilityhis accessibility and by shas reliability in vsI feel thatshe supports economic players in theirs relationships with their business partnerss even abroad “.

Coris Assurances Cautions offers two types of sureties. Market bonds which include the bid bond, the start-up advance bond, the performance bond and the warranty holdback waiver bond. Also, a surety intended for regulated professions which essentially relates to sureties for customs brokers and other regulated professions.

This new product offers several privileges for subscribers, according to Hadaraï Rabo. Securing contractual or regulatory commitments, benefiting from financial solidity and the credibility of Coris Assurances or even benefiting from the personalized support of a solid guarantor, are among the advantages that have been exposed by the Managing Director of Coris Assurances.

Technically it can bring a lot to the partners insofar as holding the deposit that we will issue to youer guarantees you credibility in business. Everyone knows that in business today, financial credibilitye is very important and we have therefore chosen to support the economy in our own way and by marketing this product”, assured Hadaraï Rabo.

Mahamadi Savadogo, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso congratulated Coris Assurances for the work done and was delighted with the choice made on him to accompany the launch of this product. He also hailed the relevance of Coris Assurances Caution, which will have the advantage of providing some security for companies.

Mahamadi Savadogo
Mahamadi Savadogo, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso

These new guarantee offers designed by Coris Assurances SA are a real innovation awaited by the private sector, a major lever for securing business relations and a first-rate support for improving the business climate in Burkina Faso. “, he developed.

Note that all companies have the option of subscribing to Coris Assurances Caution. To do so, simply contact Coris Assurances for more information.

As a reminder, Coris Assurances SA, which was created on March 1, 2011, has occupied the leading position in the large automotive branch since 2018 and that of third in the ranking of P&C insurance companies on the Burkinabe market in 2021.

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