Correspondent’s cuisine: verrine and asparagus sorbet from Jean-Claude Capéra in Limousis

All year round, they provide information on the life of their village. Today, they reveal themselves and deliver their favorite recipe.

Jean-Claude Capéra is a correspondent for the communes of Limousis and Trassanel for L’Indépendant. Previously, he wrote for La Dépêche. The village of Limousis, he knows it well, since he was the mayor from 1983 to 2001 after having been a municipal councilor between 1977 and 1983. However, Jean-Claude is from Carcassonne, where he grew up and partly studied. He completed his DEA in applied regional geology in Toulouse, where he began a thesis on the passage from the Cambrian to the Ordovician on the northern slope of the Montagne Noire.

Having become a teacher of natural sciences, as they said then, he left with his wife Simone to work in Morocco in a French high school. The couple will spend a couple of years on the other side of the Mediterranean, before returning to Aude territory. It was there, somewhat by chance, that Jean-Claude and Simone bought a house in Limousis. Our installation dates back to 1971, 50 years ago ! From then on, I took a keen interest in getting to know the town better on the southern slope of this Montagne Noire that I knew from elsewhere. We took part in the life of the village and I found myself on the municipal council in 1977, then mayor. Thus, I became very strongly involved in village life and its future, an interest that was all the stronger for its inhabitants and the history of this small village, its heritage, in particular its natural heritage with the Grotto of Limousis”.

One of the last articles for the newspaper is precisely about the cave. “These little papers make it possible to follow the life of the village… I keep, like certainly many other correspondents, these ‘everyday words’. The activity of correspondent allows me to be close to each other, to see what is happening, without too strong ambition “. Jean-Claude likes to write. He is president of the association Patrimoines Vallées des Cabardès, created in 2006. The association regularly publishes “ Notebooks “, of which Jean-Claude is somewhat the editor-in-chief, and to which he contributes by writing very detailed articles. He says he is not a cook.

It is during discovery hikes organized by the association that he gathers what to cook. I listen to the dust of the roads, which tells of the comings and goings of the women and men of the territory for time and time. It is from this that we speak of the history of a country and that we know how to read a landscape “.

As it is the season, Jean-Claude has chosen to present two recipes for wild asparagus, signed by his pen and that of his wife and published in an issue of the Heritage Valleys of the Cabardès notebook (excerpts from Notebook n° 7 of 2012).

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Ingredients and preparation for the verrine: 250 g of asparagus heads, be careful to keep only the heads and the tender parts; cut into 3 to 4 cm sections and stop when the asparagus resists the knife. Cook an egg in boiling water (20 minutes). Mix the drained asparagus with 200 g of fresh cream and the hard-boiled egg. Season with salt and pepper and serve very cold.

For the sorbet. A nice bunch of asparagus; 15 ml lemon, 1 small red onion; 2 egg whites; 160 ml of vegetable broth; 4 coriander leaves; 5g of powdered sugar.

Cut the tender ends into sections, peel the onion and chop it into large pieces, chop the coriander more finely. Pour the vegetable broth into a saucepan before adding the asparagus and onion. Bring to the boil then simmer until the vegetables are cooked through. Drain and let cool. Mix everything, add the coriander and the lemon juice. In a separate container, beat the eggs until stiff, add the powdered sugar. Salt to suit. Place in the freezer until the ice cream has hardened.

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