Couple of cats beg to be let into this house to have their babies

When Gianna Llewellyn and her boyfriend Rob moved into an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, in August, little did they know they’d be greeted by an adorable couple of cats who would drop by to say “Hello.”

While arranging some furniture in their new home, a red tabby cat and a black cat came to the apartment window. The couple of cats observed everything, but they looked hungry, so Rob gave them some food and they almost immediately finished it.

The felines always walked together and started visiting the apartment every day, with the intention of getting food and cuddles.

Gianna told The Dodo:

“They started coming back every night after that. They meowed, waited at the door and slept on the windowsill.


A couple of cats find the perfect home

After a while, the couple of felines, named Miso and Suki, were already approaching the apartment with the intention of entering. Rob and Gianna had earned their trust, so the cats spent time in the house, lounging in the garden and, in the evenings, curling up on the windowsill.

Gianna commented:

“They were perching on the windowsill while Miso (the ginger cat) was grooming Suki (the black cat). They were always in sight. They followed us even when we were outside. »

Miso was the most sociable cat and used to meow repeatedly to get into the house; they seemed to want to be adopted. Although the felines are very thin, Gianna noticed that something strange was going on with Suki, as her belly was bigger than Miso’s and she often lay down.


Gianna added:

“They were both quite small when we met them. Suki was very thin, but for some reason her belly seemed to be a little big. So we thought, ‘She’s pregnant or it’s something worse’”.

Gianna wanted to take them to the vet, so she bought a few cardboard boxes from the pet store to transport them. It seemed that the pretty couple hated being apart, so Miso opened a hole in the box so they could watch everything Suki was doing.

Gianna recounts:

“They kept meowing from the cardboard boxes, to make sure the other was okay. »

The vet confirmed the suspicions. Suki was pregnant, probably due in a few weeks, and Miso was probably the babies’ father.


Gianna decided to seek help at the NYC Little Wanderers Rescue Center. Miso was treated, sterilized and vaccinated. Rob and Gianna have officially become the adoptive owners of the two cats.

That day, the cat couple started exploring inside the apartment, one room at a time, then quietly curled up in order to relax.

One night, Rob and Gianna came home and saw Suki on a towel with four newborn kittens by her side. At that time, they thought they had missed the big event, but the cat continued her work, giving birth to 7 kittens in total.

During labor, Miso was always very nervous, anxious and checking to see if everything was okay; his presence comforted the future mother.

Gianna commented:

“Every time she cried out for a contraction, Miso would run to be next to her. They make the perfect couple. »


The kittens were cared for and nursed properly by their mother, while the new father watched and sniffed them curiously.

The kittens grew incredibly well and overcame all difficulties; Miso always took care of them and Suki. Fortunately, Gianna and Rob were able to find permanent homes for all the kittens, and they decided to keep Miso and Suki. for all time.

From now on, the adorable couple of cats will no longer have to worry about being separated and can continue to lead a life full of love.

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