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THE BEST PASTRY. One of the public’s favorite candidates was eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef this Wednesday, September 14. Find out who it is.

[Mis à jour le 14 septembre à 23h38] A week after theelimination of Carineit’s the turn of Franklin to leave the adventure of Best Pastry Chef 2022. The dean of the show, all seasons combined, unfortunately did not convince the jury on all the events of this show on the Gourmet Garden theme.

During the first test, the candidates had two hours to sublimate the pear. Manon particularly dazzled the jury with her trompe-l’oeil pears, filled with hazelnut praline financier, mousse and pear compote. “It’s very very very good,” said Cyril Lignac, amazed by his hazelnut oil biscuit. Cléo also won over the jury with her sweet flaxseed tartlet and white wine diplomat cream. “It’s original, good and fresh”, recognized Cyril and Mercotte. Najoua also pulled out of the game thanks to its sweet hazelnut pastry cake, pear insert and Bavarian mousse. “It’s delicate, elegant… It’s the quintessence of the pear. I could put this cake in my window,” admitted Cyril Lignac. “I don’t like it, I love it!” Added Mercotte. On the other hand, the jury did not like Karel’s proposal to combine pear with Timut pepper, nor that of Sébastien the choreographer, whose pear fritters with Roquefort left the jury perplexed. “It’s strange, I have no other words,” commented Mercotte. Finally, Adelina disappointed the jury with her pears poached in chestnut honey presented in the form of a charlotte.

In the second part of the evening, the candidates were for the first time confronted with the terrible Mercotte technical test. The latter asked them to make a Vert-Vert, a cake found in the recipe book of the painter Claude Monet inspired by his painting Les Nymphéas. It is a royal icing cake enhanced by sugar paste water lilies and topped with two layers of Molly Cake with matcha tea, white chocolate, pastry cream and raspberry. Once again, the Mercotte test gave the candidates a hard time. Franklin, who let some of his preparations burn, unfortunately came last in the race, followed by Vanessa, Cléo, Justine and Najoua. Adelina, came in 3rd position despite a decor that was a little too discreet. “It was very good and that’s what counts,” acknowledged Mercotte. Hervé came in 2nd position and Manon has once again excelled with a more than perfect Vert-Vert, well dosed in matcha and nicely decorated. She came first.

Finally, for the last test, the candidates had to reveal their “Secret garden” under the watchful eye of Desty Brami. “At first glance I would like to understand,” insisted the pastry chef. And for the first time since the creation of the Best Pastry Chef, the guest chef could designate his favorite and thus guide the jury. Desty Brami fell for Adelina’s cake, who presented a “Bouquet of flowers” cake with pistachio fondant, lemon gel and orange blossom mousse. “It’s a cake that caused me a lot of emotions,” admitted the chef. Manon also impressed the jury with her “Promenade à la plage”, a Viennese biscuit cake, milk chocolate namelaka and tonka, with a lot of work on the icing. Karel also went up the slope with his realization in the colors of a hike in Reunion, with a madeleine biscuit and a compote of pineapple, passion fruit and rum. Vanessa and her “Vegetable Garden” also amazed Cyril, Mercotte and Desty Brami thanks to the look of her cake but also its taste, with a good apricot compote and a great biscuit. Hervé, on the other hand, made a lot of technical errors, Benjamin went “a little off” according to Cyril Lignac and Franklin’s creation was “too simple” and lacked pep. Manon won the blue apron while Franklin was eliminated.

Who was eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef?

franklin is the second eliminated candidate of this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef. He joined wigs in the Secret Kitchen to try to reintegrate the adventure.

  • Week 2: Franklin
  • Week 1: Carine. Wiggins, also eliminated from the adventure, won the Secret Kitchen event.

What is the secret kitchen?

It will not have escaped your notice, Le Meilleur Pâtissier season 11 lasts even longer than the other years. In fact, after the main show, a one-hour programme, called La Cuisine Secrète, has been added and ends at 12:40 a.m. This novelty allows eliminated candidates to obtain a new chance to re-enter the competition. “For the first time in the history of the competition, an incredible surprise will upset our pastry chefs (…) unprecedented duels which will take place out of sight in… The secret kitchen! For each of these duels, a draw will reveal the recipe that will have to be made, resulting from the most improbable challenges launched by Cyril Lignac during the 10 seasons of the competition”, explains M6.

Who are the candidates for the Best Pastry Chef 2022?

The names of candidates of this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef are now known. For this 2022 edition, they were 16 on the starting line, from all over France but also from Belgium. Here they are :

  • Adelina, 28, store manager, Belgium
  • Alicia, 27, truck driver, Strasbourg
  • Benjamin, 32, fruit and vegetable buyer, Saint-Alban
  • Carine, 45, civil servant in a community, Le Mans
  • Cléo, 20 years old, figure skater, Montlignon
  • Franklin, 76, retired, Paris
  • Hervé, 47, team leader in construction, Martigues
  • Justine, 30, pharmacist, Amiens
  • Karel, 29, retraining engineer, Paris
  • Manon, 20 years old, student in dietetics BTS, Montpellier
  • Najoua, 29, foreign affairs consultant, Courbevoie
  • Nils, 26, doctoral student in finance, Levallois-Perret
  • Sébastien, 47 years old, business manager in cybersecurity, Toulouse
  • Sébastien, 37, choreographer and dancer, Saint-Affrique
  • Wiggings, 25, executive assistant, Nanterre
  • Vanessa, 41, business manager of a communication agency, Kintzheim

Who makes up the jury for the Best Pastry Chef?

Like always, Cyril and Mercotte will be the members of the jury for this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef. They will be supported by several guest chefs. And the least we can say is that M6 did very well this year: Philippe Conticini, Glenn Viel, Kevin Lacote, Thierry Marx, François Perret, Christelle Brua, Nina Métayer, Jeffrey Cagnes, Yann Couvreur or Pierre Hermé will be there!!

Who presents The Best Pastry Chef?

After having proven itself during a first season with amateurs and then with professionals, Mary Portolano will again be the host of this season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef. The host should still delight us with her humor and good humor.

Who are the winners of the Best Pastry Chef?

For 10 years, you can imagine, a large number of candidates have already won the title of “Best Pastry Chef”. For the most nostalgic among you, we have compiled the list of winners of the Best Pastry Chef since the first season.

When does The Best Pastry Chef 2022 air?

Season 11 of the Best Pastry Chef started on Wednesday September 7, 2022 on M6. The program airs every Wednesday at 9:10 p.m.

Where can I find the Best Pastry Chef replay?

You are not available on Wednesday evening to watch the episodes? The M6 ​​channel and its 6play service allow you to watch the missed episode even several weeks after the broadcast. This will give you time to take notes and become a master baker too.

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