CyberRes From Micro Focus Partners With Google Cloud To Enable Secure Cloud Analytics At Scale With Data Privacy

CyberRes Adds Voltage Data-Centric Security for BigQuery Customers Worldwide to Meet Data Privacy Regulations

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CyberRes, a Micro Focus, today announced a partnership with Google Cloud to support the next release of BigQuery remote functions. The partnership will see CyberRes’ end-to-end enterprise data protection solution, Tension SecureData, integrate with Google’s BigQuery data warehouse to accelerate and scale organizations’ data science initiatives and help businesses to comply with ever-changing privacy regulations.

The integration will allow CyberRes Voltage customers to persistently protect data in use, in motion and at rest in Google BigQuery. Support for remote functions also allows BigQuery Google Cloud customers to take advantage of Voltage’s privacy technologies. Mutual customers can use Voltage’s encryption, hashing, and tokenization services within BigQuery in conjunction with Google’s native BigQuery security to meet strict privacy compliance controls. Voltage’s consistent, cloud-agnostic data protection enables all customers to securely use regulated data for analytics across hybrid clouds.


“The availability of BigQuery’s remote capabilities is an exciting and critical evolution of the Google Cloud Platform for our customers,” said Tony of the Llama, Vice President of Product Management, CyberRes. “The integration with Voltage SecureData means that BigQuery will enable customers to use and support Voltage’s data-centric protection approach to secure analytics, enabling enterprises to accelerate and extend their data protection initiatives. data science with privacy by default. »

BigQuery, Google Cloud’s highly scalable multi-cloud data warehouse, is designed for business agility and enables customers to gain insights through predictive and real-time analytics, access data and easily share information securely. This new partnership adds to Voltage SecureData’s deep capabilities in securing analytics across data warehouses, databases and data lakes and enables customers to seamlessly and securely move their workloads to BigQuery. .

“Emerging threats and changing technology needs are at the forefront of cybersecurity challenges. By making its Voltage SecureData solution available to Google Cloud customers from their BigQuery data warehouse, CyberRes is empowering customers with the technologies needed to protect their sensitive data while adhering to and complying with current data privacy regulations.” , said Ritika SuriDirector, Technology Partnerships, Google Cloud.

The CyberRes Voltage portfolio helps organizations secure continuous data discovery, insight, and protection to reduce risk and enable privacy by design. Organizations can work with sensitive, high-value customer data in its protected state to gain actionable insights without the risk of data exposure in Google BigQuery. Voltage SecureData’s data protection technologies provide flexible implementation and data-centric protection for a virtually unlimited number of structured data types in any language and in any region, with performance, proven reliability and scalability.

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Tension SecureData Integrations for GCP 2.0 (BigQuery) are now generally available. The Google Cloud Remote Functions feature is now available in public preview.

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