Disappearance of dogs in the forest of Fontainebleau: thefts to feed traffic?

Many dog ​​owners have reported disappearances after walks in the forest of Fontainebleau. A lawyer specializing in animal protection suspects thefts and possible trafficking ©YV/RSM77 (archives)

For nearly a year, Anne-Sophie has clung to the hope of finding Litchy. His female dog has mysteriously disappeared during a walk in the forest of Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne), last October. Despite posters plastered in the massif and calls on social networks, she never found her trace. After a first complaint lodged at the time of the facts and the referral to the parquet floor of Fontainebleau, she comes again to go to court regarding this case.

A few months ago, his lawyer Me Isabelle Gharbi-Terrin written to the dean of the examining magistrates of Melun, a cumbersome procedure that paves the way for the initiation of public action. “She loves her dog deeply and she is ready to do anything to find her, insists her advice. In this case, I suspect dog trafficking. After drugs and weapons, animal trafficking is the 3e most common type of traffic. “According to her, it is the succession of facts that leads her to think of such a track.

A restricted perimeter

Contacted at the time of the events, the ONF had also identified an upsurge in disappearances. “This type of file is discovered as and when, but my attention has never been drawn by an upsurge in complaints for thefts of this kind”, warns however a judicial source at the court of Fontainebleau.

Whatever, M.e Gharbi-Terrin points to “too many disappearances within a restricted perimeter (the events occurred near the King’s Table, editor’s note) : justice will have to carry out investigations. It is a cumbersome procedure normally reserved for humans, but it was that or nothing ”, continues the one who is also the president of the association Defense and animal dignity.

After drugs and weapons, animal trafficking is the 3rd most common type of trafficking

Me Isabelle Gharbi-Terrin, lawyer specializing in animal defense

“I don’t know if I’ll find my dog ​​one day, but I want us to find those who did this,” says Anne-Sophie who, for the moment, can’t get a dog back. Because she too is convinced: it is indeed a theft.

Litchy disappeared in the forest of Fontainebleau in October 2021
Litchy disappeared in the forest of Fontainebleau in October 2021 ©Photo provided by the owner

Natalia, who was walking Litchy and her dog in the forest on the day of the disappearance, still feels responsible. “After that, I was very scared and only walked my dog ​​on a leash, but they’re not made to live with a rope, especially when they’re in a familiar place and have a good recall. You can’t have a ‘handbag dog’, they need space. »

According to her, Litchy was fearful of people she didn’t know. Would she have followed a game? “She loved the forest and never ran after wild animals… It’s very strange,” she breathes.

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If Mikado, her dog, mysteriously reappeared two months later, she remains perplexed by this story: “He was found in Champagne-sur-Seine, very thin and wearing a choke collar and a rope”, she breathes.

NFB recommendations

If keeping a leash is only compulsory in the massif from April 15 to July 15 – birth and nesting season – the ONF nevertheless recommends keeping your dog on a leash all season long.

“I want to go all the way, promises Me Gharbi-Terrin. My objective is to interrupt this network which I suspect of operating in the sector, a heinous delinquency which affects defenseless animals. Justice must now take animals into consideration. The lawyer does not yet know which police service will be in charge of the investigations.

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