” Dogs bark but the caravan moves… “

The establishment of the new government team confirmed the leadership of Cheikh Oumar Anne, who was promoted to the strategic department of National Education. This well-deserved nomination has aroused all-out attacks among intermittent entertainers and eternal losers.

Attacks that nothing can justify, if not unhealthy jealousy and gratuitous wickedness. But, let these acrobats and other birds of bad omen, who have returned to service, be sure that it is a waste of time. Their evil enterprise is doomed. Like all those they had to unroll to try to harm. You can’t stop the sea with your arms. Dogs bark but the caravan moves.

Minister Cheikh Oumar Anne is the man of challenges. Challenges always met. He is the man of concrete acts. He is the builder.

Wherever he went, notably at APROSI, COUD and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, he succeeded in his mission brilliantly. His record at the head of the MESRI is more than brilliant. He completed the reforms, calmed the social climate and built universities under the leadership of President Macky Sall. It is under his magisterium that concrete achievements have been made at the level of higher education.

On the pedagogical level, Cheikh Oumar Anne struck a blow with the success of the operation consisting in directing all the graduates in the public Universities, allowing the State to save more than 15 billion. This large-scale operation was accompanied by extension programs for public universities. But also by building and equipping 100 scientific laboratories, receiving several Open Digital Spaces (ENO), making 200 teachers available to Universities and public higher education establishments, recruiting within Universities and the creation of 200 temporary teaching and research assistant positions, the construction and equipment of 200 new offices for teachers in universities.
Another highlight is the fact that all the work that had been on hold since 2014 has been resumed at Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis and at the University of Thiès.

The Amadou Mahtar Mbow and Sine-Saloum El hadji Ibrahima Niasse Universities will soon be received.

Also noteworthy is the strengthening of the Virtual University of Senegal (UVS) and the actual start-ups in the Higher Institutes of Vocational Education (ISEP). Major achievements were also made in the Universities of Dakar and Ziguinchor.

In addition, measures have been taken to improve the living and working conditions of all components of the university community.

The pacification of the university space is part of the performances carried out by Cheikh Oumar Anne, in particular thanks to an inclusive approach welcomed by all the actors.

For the first time, we are talking about an assessment at the level of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. Moreover, Cheikh Oumar Anne received the honors of the Head of State during the audience that the latter granted to the university community.

All Senegalese in good faith can attest to the qualitative leap noted in the Department of Higher Education with the performance of Minister Cheikh Oumar Anne, under the impetus of the President of the Republic.

We, Minister’s Shields, have no doubt that he will take up the new challenge in a very good way with his appointment as head of the Ministry of Education.

Let the despisers of Minister Cheikh Oumar Anne know that they will find us on their way. They cannot curb the momentum of the mayor of Ndioum, renowned for his efficiency. Shameless lies and denunciations will not pass.

* By the Shields of Minister Cheikh Oumar Anne

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