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The earth from the sky ! This is the whole principle of Google Earth, a free tool that is both educational and fascinating to admire the earth in its smallest details.

The current version of Google Earth (Pro) is the 7.3.3it was published on 07/30/2020. This update improves the Street View experience by integrating a new navigation system similar to that of the web version of Google Earth. A button to open the Google Earth view in the web version has also been added. It is now possible to easily get a “Plus code” by right-clicking on the map with the Shift key pressed and searching for “Plus code” also offers more detailed results. This version is the 3rd minor update of Google Earth Pro 7.3 which brought together the “classic” version with the Pro version (moving from paid to free) in a single desktop application. New in version 7.3 are HTML5 video integration, an improved internal web browser, and default Open GL support on Windows.

Is it necessary to present Google Earth ? This free software allows you to observe most regions of the world as seen from the sky and to zoom in so that you can appreciate the details. This particularly stunning graphical software also displays 3D representations of monuments, buildings, stars and satellites.

Our video on Google Earth:

Google Earth offers the possibility of interactively studying the terrestrial globe, which makes it a fun and educational software. It works from a satellite positioning system that makes it possible to consult the most remote areas of the planet. The program saves at regular time intervals photos of places with a certain historical value. To access it, the tool provides users with a chronological slider allowing them to literally go back in time thanks to archive images.

Google Earth is also associated with software for designing 3D models, allowing you to design buildings or monuments in three dimensions. The combined use of these two tools has given rise to very realistic 3D images of cities, neighborhoods and monuments around the world.

Scientists recognize that this software is a significant contribution insofar as one can have a very enlightened vision of planets and satellites. The tool also has NASA images, guided tours and a selection of 360 degree panoramas. Google earth offers the Street View feature, which allows you to visualize the streets as if you were a pedestrian and display 360* views. To do this, just zoom in enough until you see an orange character (named “peg man”) near the zoom controls:

All you have to do is drag and drop this character onto the street to be viewed, to see the street view display mode appear.

The advanced option of the program allows the user to record his visits and share them with his relatives. If necessary, advanced users can import KML, KMZ files or even GPS data.

frequently asked Questions

Google Earth no longer opens

If Google earth refuses to launch, it is possible to remedy this by reinstalling it. First, uninstall Google Earth, then click on the download button above to restart the installation. Once reinstalled, Google Earth should start correctly. If this is not the case, ask your question in the forum in order to obtain assistance.

Uninstall Google Earth

To uninstall Google Earth on Windows, click on the Start menu > Settings > then Control Panel. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon and scroll down to the Google Earth row, then click that row and choose Remove.

Google Earth online?

Google earth does not exist in an official online version, but Google offers Google Maps, which incorporates most of the features of Google Earth.

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