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Are you lacking inspiration for your next meals? Looking for quick and healthy recipes for the whole family, Le Figaro Cuisine invites you to discover no less than 8000 cooking recipes, to filter according to your desires, your tastes, your culinary level or your dietary restrictions.

From the expert in gastronomy to aperitif dinners, including healthy menus and oenological advice to accompany your dishes, Le Figaro Cuisine is the free and complete mobile application that adapts to the level of all its users.

You can download and install the Le Figaro Cuisine mobile app for free on your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. During your first use, you are asked to subscribe, but it is possible to skip this registration by clicking on the “Skip this step” button. If you wish, you can subscribe to a paid Premium subscription giving you access to more than 1000 exclusive cooking recipes, a selection of recipes from top chefs and other interesting content.

The recipes

The Le Figaro Cuisine mobile application is intuitive and very easy to use. Translated into French, the application interface displays a menu at the bottom of your screen to access the various sections offered: Featured, Search, My Notebook and My Account.

In the Search section, it’s very simple, users have a search engine to search for a recipe by entering one or more keywords. Some suggestions on other users’ search trends or according to the season are also offered. Recipes with the mentioned ingredient or a specific feature (gluten-free or vegetarian recipes, for example) are then displayed directly below the search field. Note, however, that there is no other system for sorting or filtering the recipes. You will have to browse all the recipes or refine your search further by adding other keywords or ingredients.

In terms of the presentation of the recipes, nothing could be simpler. A beautiful, mouth-watering image shows you what your dish should look like, then comes the recipe title and the number of reviews with stars to know if this recipe is popular with users. You will then know what type of dish it is (side dish, main course, dessert, starter, etc.) and its difficulty (easy, medium, difficult, expert). The preparation and cooking times are displayed below, and finally the ingredients and the different steps of the recipe that you will have to follow to make it.

Users will then be able to rate the recipe from 1 to 5 stars and browse other recipe suggestions. It is possible to leave a comment if you are a subscriber and share the recipe or add it to your cookbook.

In their Kitchen Notebook, users will be able to create collections (like folders) in which they can add recipes or items that they have favorited in order to find them later.

My Diary of recipes and articles in Le Figaro Cuisine

Culinary tips, articles and trends

From the A la Une home menu, the user can find different sections, such as the recipe of the moment, current trendy recipes, and many culinary articles (tips, advice from chefs, mistakes not to make, the basics of cooking, etc.) but also recipe selections: seasonal recipes, cooking in less than 10 minutes, the menu of the day (starter, main course and dessert), recipes from chefs, and many others. You will be able to add them to favorites in your Notebook.


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