Economy | Car insurance: what coverage should be preferred?

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With the inflation we’ve been experiencing lately, you certainly tend to be looking everywhere for the lowest prices. However, some costs should not be taken lightly, such as car insurance coverage. We are going to see today which are the essential covers that should not be overlooked.

Civil liability guarantee

This is coverage that is included in any car insurance because it is simply mandatory to be able to drive. The purpose of this guarantee is to cover damage that you may cause to a third party in the event of an accident for which you are responsible. Please note that certain damages are not covered by the civil liability guarantee of your car insurance. This is mainly the case for damage that you cause to yourself or those close to you, damage that you cause intentionally or even for damage in connection with your professional activities carried out at home. These require specific insurance.

Vehicle towing (via breakdown insurance)

Breakdown insurance is a cover generally included in most car insurance, but you have to be careful because not all insurance includes it. This can save you a lot of trouble, especially if you are going on vacation far away with your vehicle. The objective of the breakdown insurance (or towing guarantee) is to be able to organize the recovery of your vehicle in the event of a breakdown. This option of your car insurance includes the transfer of the vehicle to a certain garage, or even to your home, depending on the conditions contracted. It’s essential to have the tow truck’s phone number saved in your cell phone, in case something happens. It is very important that roadside assistance is provided from kilometer 0. Also, depending on the type of trip you are going to make, it may be interesting that it does not only include the country of residence.

The legal protection guarantee

Even if you are an experienced driver, you are not immune to encountering a problem following the behavior of a third party on the road. In this specific case, you may need legal assistance. The problem is that this assistance is expensive if you don’t have good car insurance. The legal protection guarantee of your car insurance contract is intended to defend your interests in the context of administrative and legal proceedings. Among the issues dealt with, we can cite those concerning claims for compensation for bodily injury and property damage, the choice of a lawyer, coverage of legal costs, or even fees and advances on compensation.

Replacement vehicle warranty

The guarantee of a replacement vehicle is particularly interesting since it allows you to be entitled to a loan vehicle while your main vehicle is immobilized. The car insurer can cover all or part of the rental costs allocated to the rental of this replacement vehicle from a car agency. To benefit from this service by your car insurer, you must have subscribed to this option when taking out your car insurance contract. The terms and benefits of this service may vary from one car insurer to another, so we invite you to read the conditions of your car insurance contract in detail. As you will have understood, it is important to choose the insurance that best suits your driver profile. While it is true that some covers can be dispensed with, others are considered completely essential when it comes to driving.

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