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Still called the RC Prothe Professional Liability is a contract to which every company must subscribe to ensure its protection and that of its employees. In other words, it intervenes as soon as the responsibility of the company, of one of the employees or of one of its services or equipment can be engaged. Indeed, all bodily injury, material or immaterial caused to others through fault, negligence or recklessness may be covered by this insurance.

In addition, it protects against all the financial risks of this damage as well as the consequences that could result from it depending on the extent of the compensation. Thus, the RC Pro must be considered as a fatal risk provision rather than as an expense. Assurup is the professional insurance solution which protects your company as well as your employees in the event of damage of any kind.

Who is covered by professional civil liability?

The RC Pro is mandatory for so-called regulated professions such as:

  • Health professionals

  • Legal professionals
  • Accountants

  • Real estate agents

  • Travel agencies

  • General insurance agents

These professions are subject to compliance with the advice of loyalty, prudence and diligence and are required to face the risk of professional misconduct. This means that the RC Pro is not mandatory for other trades. However, it remains essential to say the least.

In addition, the risks arising from your activity can sometimes be detrimental to: an error in advice, an involuntary violation of intellectual property rights, etc. These are all risks that are not covered by the general liability of the company.

Likewise, theliability insurance can be considered as life insurance for your company in this increasingly difficult economic and social context. Indeed, any company is likely to face a difficulty even if everything is in place to avoid errors. By subscribing to this insurance, you will not have to bear the litigation costs that could impact the stability of your business.

Professional civil liability insurance: why subscribe?

When you become a business manager, guaranteeing professional premises or a company vehicle becomes a reflex. We also think about the damage that can be caused. In addition, these are generally binding contracts that require insurance certificate at installation. However, these insurances are not the only ones you need for your activity.

You may cause damage to your customers or to third parties in the course of your professional activities, the operation of your business and the marketing of your products. This is why it is essential to subscribe to a liability insurance professional. This security coverage ensures the sustainability of your business in the face of major risks.

Professional civil liability: what guarantees are offered?

The RC Pro which covers operating risks allows companies to be protected against:

  • damage caused to third parties in the course of work;

  • damage related to goods and materials entrusted;

  • and damage caused by employees or to employees.

Many other types of specific guarantees are possible. These include, among others:

  • civil liability cover for corporate officers;

  • motor vehicle liability cover;

  • the extension of the civil liability guarantee in the event of subcontracting;

  • post-work civil liability cover;

  • the product liability warranty ;

  • the civil liability guarantee for the occupation of the premises.

Professional liability insurance: how much does it cost?

There are many tariffsRC Pro insurance. In reality, it is difficult to give a price range as the criteria used to calculate the premium vary from one structure to another:

The higher it is, the greater the financial risk to be covered. the premium amount will be set accordingly.

  • Company size and status

It is clear that a self-employed person who works from home presents less risk than an SME with 60 employees installed in industrial and material premises.

The higher the risks, the higher the premiums. For a construction company, for example, there are many risks. The bonuses will also be substantial.

Depending on its budget and the risks associated with its activity, the company will have to opt for the Type of Contract which suits him. It is possible to choose the formula covering only the operation of the company or a complete “post-delivery” contract which also includes a juridic protection.

Finally, it should be noted that the specifics of the contract, namely the deductibles, the ceilings as well as the exclusions vary the amount of the premium.

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