FC Barcelona – Celta Vigo (3-1): Ousmane Dembélé, definitively readopted

He spent thirty minutes in the shadows, little used and little inspired. But it is also its strength. Ousmane Dembélé is the electric player par excellence: a simple discharge is enough to strike down his opponents. So, half an hour into the game, “Dembouz” lived up to his reputation.

Surrounded by two opponents, the French broke into a classy sequence, small bridge then outside dribble, to let go of the horses and put Barça on the right track. His straight pass for Memphis Depay (1-0, 30th) confirmed the progress seen in recent weeks: Dembélé is no longer just impactful, he is also decisive.


Dembélé and Barça have fun, Araujo worried


In 20 La Liga appearances this season, Dembélé has provided 13 assists. Including 4 for the only Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, still served on a set Tuesday at the time of the break goal (3-0, 48th). So, inevitably, the Gabonese was able to pay a strong tribute to his protege, his “little brother“: “We spend a lot of time together and from the first day in Dortmund, I felt like I had known him forever.explained the Barça striker. Over time, we really have this brotherly relationship. I like him a lot and he does things very well. I am really happy“.

“The can opener” Dembélé

Still, the main question concerning Dembélé is not completely settled: will he extend? “I don’t know but I hope so with all my heartkicked into touch PEA. He really doesn’t need much to be among the best in the world, maybe a few goals. But he does crazy things on the pitch“. Aubameyang’s analysis had the merit of being completely shared by the Catalan press, where the Frenchman received a score of 7 by Sport while Mundo Deportivo underlined the importance of the “can opener” Dembélé .

Ousmane Dembélé electrified Barça again against Celta Vigo

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Making differences isn’t just about scoring goalsextended Xavi in ​​a press conference about the Dembélé glimpsed at Camp Nou in recent weeks. It’s either defending or making assists. When the team was not well, he popped up. He’s a different, special footballer“. A line of conduct similar to all his speeches in recent weeks. Xavi has apparently found the key to Dembélé, like Thomas Tuchel in his time, and logic would dictate that they unite to continue to grow together.

Will he extend?

But logic and football… The fact remains that Dembélé has put this painful winter behind him, between sidelining and Camp Nou whistles, to once again become the electrifying player that Barça has seen too little in recent years. In January, negotiations seemed to have stalled and relations between his agent, Moussa Sissoko, and the Barcelona board were disastrous. In May, everyone put water in their wine.

In recent weeks, the option of a short extension seemed to hold the rope. The qualification in the Champions League assured, Barça can accelerate on a complex file, as much for the financial limits of the club as for the extravagant demands of the player and his entourage. But, in the case, Dembélé also seems to have grown up, demanding in particular better medical follow-up concerning him, just to avoid all these truncated seasons where his talent only appears intermittently.

Seeing him play on Tuesday, I would say he wants to convince Laporta to make the economic effort to extend itwrites this Wednesday Joan Mª Batlle, columnist for Sport. We must thank Ousmane who never hid in this end of hissound”. Who would have thought to read this last January? All the magic of the elusive Dembélé summed up…


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