“female dog” and “Chawony” in the catalog of insults by the director of the Institution Bellerice-Castera against his students

“female dog infested with fleas” and “Chawony” in the catalog of insults by the director of the Institution Bellerice-Castera against his students.

The director of the Institution Bellerice-Castera, Albert Jean Bellerice was recorded, without his knowledge, insulting his students. The latter, very upset because someone poured water on a desk, wanted to expel some students from a class. “Sir, we don’t know who threw water on the desk,” we hear a girl say. To the director to answer: “Mpa fout bezwen konnen, si nou paka gen je poun konnen se fout bouda nou pou n bat”. From this response in a dry and severe tone followed a succession of insulting remarks and words unworthy of a school principal.

In addition to talking to his students as if he were about to come to blows, profanity like “manman kaka”, “ti kochon”, “bèt” etc. came out profusely in his mouth. He even called on his students to go out in “order and discipline” which contrasts with these filthy remarks. While dealing with all the ills of his students, Albert Jean Bellerice took the opportunity to put a diaper on their parents as if they were pigsty owners. “Se nan pak manman nou ak papa nou poun rete. Bann ti pig”.

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The recording so far is one minute and 30 seconds long and there is no noticeable reaction from the students other than the sound of chairs as they try to make their way to the exit. But the headmaster, obviously not getting angry, threatened to expel them if they make noise while on the schoolyard: “map fout nou deyo pesonèlman”.

Suddenly, the girl on whom Albert Jean Bellerice’s wrath will fall asks him a question: “Can we leave voluntarily? The director didn’t need to be asked, he jumped at the chance to tell this student that she had no business in her school, calling her a “chawony (scavenger)”. His answer came out instinctively: “Mesye pa dim chawony”. The director, to sink even further into the abyss of his invectives, went up a notch to call her “a fool”. “Ou pa gen plas ou la, madigra, maskarad, mpa frenk konnen saw te vin hide la. »

Covered with insults, the girl replies: “Manman m pat voyem la pouw joure m. Well I’m leaving. » Always in his role of big bourin, Albert Jean Bellerice continues to inflict his mistreatment of his student: “Pati chyèn, al grate chyèn”.

A third voice becomes perceptible. It’s Madame Martine’s. Ah dear Madame Martine, a woman, probably a mother. She says to this girl: “Aren’t you trying to replicate there? » This pupil treated as « female dog infested with fleas », sobbing, answers logically to Mrs. Martine: « but they are insulting me. I came to school not to be insulted”. Mrs. Martine, who does not see in the student’s reaction an inconsistency with what a school should be, which is not a market, even less a tap-tap where arguments, insults and hand-holding are common currencies, wanted play the moralizer: “lower the tone! you don’t have an answer to give”

The voice of Albert Jean Bellerice, director of the Bellerice-Castera Institution breaks the atmosphere and the real semblance of calm that she was trying to instil: “grizèt, al jape la ba. Al fout jape deyò, grate piss, jape deyò. »

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