Final of “Top Chef” 2022: Louise, faithful to her daring cuisine, wins the 13th season

At the end of a final where she once again expressed all her audacity, Louise Bourrat, 27, became, this Wednesday evening, the third woman to win the M 6 culinary competition, the first since 2013. Winner against Arnaud Delvenne, she pockets the sum of 56,190 euros corresponding to 56.19% of the votes collected during the last event.

She will therefore have cooked until the end, until victory. Entry into the competition with a mushroom dessert, with a black garlic ice cream, slipping here and there in her preparations of the smoked eel that she likes so much, multiplying the land-sea preparations, pushing the vegetable forward, Louise Bourrat will not have deviated from the line she has been drawing for 18 weeks of competition.

A line on which she evolves on the wire, like a tightrope walker, marrying improbable flavors. What she reiterated by proposing for this final show of season 13 of “Top Chef” a menu that looks like her, daring and hard-hitting, confusing, and winning. For his part, Arnaud Delvenne, who has learned over the weeks to draw on his emotions to feed his plates, has made a more classic bet.

In the kitchens of Georges V, in Paris, where this final was filmed in January, Louise enlisted the services of Thibaut, Pascal, Elis and Ambroise. For his part, Arnaud chose Lilian, Mickaël, Sébastien and Lucie. Reenactments of leagues that please as the complicity is obvious.

Glenn Viel not tender with Arnaud

“We’re going to create a cuisine based on feeling, emotion and creativity,” says Arnaud to motivate his troops. Ten hours to send 80 covers, it’s a marathon in which the two brigades are embarking. When he sees Louise in the juice when sending the dish, Arnaud does not hesitate to help her. One of the nice moments of this final. These two won the “Black Box” event together and had spent the evening before the final drinking glasses. Friends, real ones. “I want to get down on my knees and kiss his feet, you’re a lord!” “reacts Louise on the spot.

At the end, when the final plates of this season are sent, they hug each other tightly. “You are someone I appreciate to death, I helped you as you would have helped me,” he whispers to her with emotion. Nono the big heart for whom each plate can be a madeleine of Proust so much it tells. What he will do again, invoking his native Belgium and his childhood memories. He thus revisits the mussel and fries, working the potato in three ways, in crisps, smoked and in a translucent veil.

Lilian is in charge of cooking the mussels, he lets them do it without watching. “It’s overcooked, plague Glenn Viel, new juror in this season, it’s not possible,” he says. And Arnaud to resume cooking, ladle by ladle the shellfish for ten seconds in boiling water. Glenn Viel will come several times to encourage or warn him. “It’s in your interest to send big, poultry, we eat it every week”, he warns about the dish, a chicken waterzooï cooked at low temperature.

“An uppercut kitchen from start to finish”

“Are you improvising? Seriously”, he is still surprised when he learns that Arnaud has no idea how to prepare the dessert, a revisited speculoos tatin. “It’s a day in your life, you mustn’t go through this one,” he told her again. He did not pass through, no, despite an accompaniment of his meat a little below, his proposals seduce the jurors like the 80 members of the Red Cross invited, as every year, to taste.

No, it’s because Louise again has that little something extra, that madness that very early on set her apart, noticed by the older girls, Hélène Darroze but also Anne-Sophie Pic or Dominique Crenn who has a message for her: “You gonna go and kick ass”, or “you’re going to go and tear everything up”. Mission accomplished with a menu with an announced framework: original ingredients from starter to dessert, the idea being to “hustle” with an “uppercut” cuisine from start to finish.

Raw amberjack marinated in a truffled ponzu sauce and porcini mushroom oil, tuiles of rice and truffles, the starter is sublime. For the main course, a rack of veal roasted on the bone with smoked eel – his touch! – is accompanied by a quenelle of mashed potatoes and braised lettuce in which she slips an oyster poached in its water and served with garlic butter. For dessert, she dares a remake of her mushroom dessert from the first episode.

Once again, his menu caused a sensation. “You have a boldness that sometimes I miss, you brought me a lot,” Hélène Darroze whispers to him during the votes of the brigade leaders. Each has ten points to distribute. She gives him seven. Etchebest, Pairet and Viel each give him 6 points against 4 to Arnaud. In total, 15 points against 25, more or less the order of magnitude of the final result: 56.19% for Louise and 43.81% for her evening opponent.

It is therefore she who raises the steel knife to become the Top Chef 2022, immediately jumping into the arms of the former candidates. “It’s our victory for all of us, they worked so hard for me,” she explains to the camera. “It shows how magical life can be,” says the candidate. How true you have to be, indulgent towards yourself and others and not forgetting why you are doing this, cooking should be about sharing”.

Like these “thirteen” that she tattooed on a dozen candidates this year, the young woman with the white lock will have left her mark on this thirteenth season. And Hélène Darroze at the same time who, beyond this third victory in a row – thus monopolizing half of the titles since the appearance of the brigades in 2017, ahead of Philippe Etchebest who has two and Michel Sarran, one – wins a tattoo along the way. “Never two without three, if you win, I’ll get three little stars tattooed”, she had launched to her candidate that she will have more than ever in her skin.

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