Fuel: this magic trick from Google Maps to make real savings!

For months, fuel prices have been on the rise and have greatly weakened the wallets of many French people. They are all looking for tricks to pay less. Currently, they can take advantage of the rebate at the pump of 30 centimes per litre. But that’s still not enough when you see the price increase. That’s why Google Maps offers a brand new feature to find fuel-efficient routes. And thus save money.

A new feature to save fuel

Until now, when you search for a route, the application offers you the fastest route by default. It is based for this on the number of kilometers and road traffic in real time, among other things. But a new feature has arrived in the United States and will soon be available in Europe, and therefore in France. This feature takes into account… the relief, in particular the inclination of the slopes, all along the route. A calculation is made based on the average speed of motorists using these roads. And this helps to determine how much, on average, the vehicle spends on fuel.

How to select this option? Nothing’s easier. All you have to do is enter your destination, press “route” at the bottom left, press the icon with the three small dots, choose “route option” and activate “prefer fuel-efficient routes”. fuel “. Thanks to this feature, more than half a million tons of carbon dioxide have been avoided in the United States. This corresponds to the withdrawal of 100,000 vehicles.

Fuel prices: the rebate of 30 cents that feels good

Since September 1, the rebate on the liter of fuel has increased. It is no longer 18 cents, but 30 cents. But beware, it is not eternal. If this aid is in place until the end of the year, the amount of 30 centimes only lasts two months. Indeed, from November 1 (and until December 31), the rebate will not be 30 cents, nor 18 cents, but 10 cents. It is quite possible that the rebate will continue for the year 2023. Indeed, economists say, inflation will continue and will probably peak in 2023. But in the meantime, prices will continue to rise.

The good news is that this aid is valid for everyone, without any income conditions. It is simply applied automatically at each checkout at gas stations. It is the price after discount that is displayed directly at the pump and via the totem panels at the entrance. As Femme Actuelle reminds us, Motorists benefit from a discount for diesel, gasoline (SP95, SP98-E5, SP-95-E10), superethanol (E85), diesel ethanol (ED95) but also fishing diesel or diesel off-road (GNR)“.

Tips for saving money

It may surprise you, but depending on what time or when you decide to fill up, you lose money. Indeed, the fuels you put in your vehicle are not always the same. You may not know it, but depending on the time you fill up, the quality of gasoline is not the same. For example, it is strongly advised to refuel… in the morning. The reason is simple. At night, the temperatures are cool. Due to this, the stored fuel cools. However, when it is cold, it is denser. When you fill up, a liter of fuel is really equal to a liter of fuel.

Does this seem normal to you? Maybe, but that’s not always the case. Indeed, when the fuels are hotter, they are more volatile. They therefore tend to evaporate more quickly. You then refuel, of course, but with less fuel. Also, don’t go to the pump right after a tanker truck fills the pumps. Indeed, when the pumps are filled, the fuels mix with the encrusted dirt. This dirt then ends up in your car if you are the first served. It is safe for the vehicle. But you’ll get more dirt, and less gas. The price, on the other hand, will be the same.

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