Gers: owner of ten dogs and cats, she lives an ordeal to find accommodation

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Corinne Prignot had to leave her home in Haute-Marne after suffering several attacks. Now housed with her former boss in Auch, she is desperately trying to find new accommodation for her and her ten animals.

Seven cats and three dogs. When Corinne Prignot travels, she is never alone. Since the beginning of June, this 57-year-old woman, originally from Saint-Dizier (Haute-Marne) has put down her suitcases in Auch. A decision she made after suffering three attacks in front of her home. “I fear for my life,” she says. The police did not take my attacks seriously. I was forced to leave so as not to be next on the list, ”she adds.

Leaving Saint-Dizier, Corinne Prignot had to leave behind her house, which she has just put up for sale. “I hardly have anyone there anymore,” she admits moved. At the beginning of June, she then hit the road, driving more than 800 km to come and stay with her former boss, a “friend”, Franck.

A binding situation

“I have done him several services before, I consider that he owed me the same,” says Corinne Prignot. But after more than two months, the cohabitation begins to turn sour. “It is an extremely restrictive situation. Housing ten animals is polluting,” says Franck.

“Corinne is a very nice woman, but I want to find a social life again and by hosting a woman accompanied by so many animals it is not possible”, he breathes, desperate. And yet Corinne says she feels isolated, locked up in this house.

“He does not accept that my animals are anywhere other than in my room”. Corinne therefore has to share a 12 m2 room with her three dogs and seven cats. One of the reasons given by the owner is the difficult cohabitation with his own pets, because he too has four cats.

To put an end to this delicate situation, Franck has decided to issue an ultimatum. “If I don’t do it, she will never go away,” he admits. On August 3, Corinne will therefore have to find new accommodation in the Gers or return to Saint-Dizier, but she has “no desire”.

Corinne Prignot appealed to several associations and individuals to find accommodation.

To avoid returning to the north of France, Corinne is actively searching for an apartment in the department. “I called on several individuals to do babysitting, or to rent a room, but all refused because of my animals,” she admits, discouraged.

A strong attachment to his animals

Because for her, there is no question of leaving her animals even though it would be easier for her to find new accommodation. “I picked them all up when they were beaten, abandoned or in very bad shape, Corinne says. To abandon them would be to condemn them”. Franck, for his part, judges that she has become a “slave” to her own animals.

It is for this reason in particular that the REGAR association, of the Gers Solidaire network, redirected him for his request for emergency housing. “It doesn’t matter what a person’s financial situation is, when you have so many animals, it’s more complicated to find accommodation”, informs Martine Coulet, director of REGAR.

Corinne also called on Les Toits de Gascogne. “We accepted his request on June 3”, inform the latter. But with a period of 13 months to benefit from housing, Corinne Prignot risks waiting a long time before hearing from them. In the meantime, she tirelessly hopes to find accommodation in Auch or its surroundings. Only way, according to her, to “stay alive”.

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