Google 360 ​​mission: Integration of cycle routes

Integration of EuroVelo3 – Scandibérique and National Cycle Route 30 in Google Streetview

As part of the tourist promotion of EuroVelo3 – Scandibérique and the National Cycle Route 30, the Aisne Tourism Agency carried out a mission to digitize these two Axon cycle routes.

EuroVelo 3 (also called La Scandibérique in
France), is a European cycle route linking the
Norway to Spain. In the Aisne, it starts at Hirson
to the north, and leads to the green groves of Thiérache where
produces the Maroilles as far as the Vallée d’or and the Art cities
decor by La Fère, Tergnier and Chauny.
The Véloroute Nationale 30 runs along the lakes of
Monampteuil and the Ailette. It is ideal for enjoying
a day of relaxation in a green setting. Leaving
the garden of medicinal plants of the Abbaye de Vauclair,
it offers a 35 km ride to Monampteuil.
Continue your journey to Guise, a true historic town with an inimitable character. A
travel through the ages, from the 16th to the 20th century, from its graceful fortified castle
medieval at the famous Familistère, a veritable social palace! The latter is the very illustration
utopias of the XIX-XXth century, a surprising city in the city created by Monsieur
Godin for the well-being of the employees of its casting industry.


A little further, we discover the churches, the valleys, the
forests and especially the canals traveled by Robert Louis
Stevenson. It is this atypical scenography that has
inspired the author in his book “Canoeing on the rivers
North”. Follow the course of the water, pedal along the
greenway in the footsteps of the famous writer and adventurer!
A few extra pedal strokes
will lead to the Chaunois country. The towns of Chauny,
Tergnier and La Fère proudly display their Art identity
Deco, linked to the reconstruction in the 1920s of
buildings destroyed by the First World War.
Strolling through their town centers will offer you a dive
at the heart of the Roaring Twenties, and architectural audacity
which marked the post-war period.

Discovering the Aisne while pedaling on the EuroVelo 3 means crossing a whole mosaic of landscapes, at your own pace. Leave from the small town of Hirson in Thiérache and crisscross the cycle route through the bocage, with the fortified churches as a backdrop, architectural treasures dating from the 16th century. The place of the church of Englancourt or that of Flavigny-Le-Grand-Et-Beaurain are favorable places to enjoy the panorama from the heights of the village. Tasting Thiérachiens cider and maroilles are a must! the layout of the greenway the function


These sheets will be gradually enriched with photos and descriptions, thanks in particular to the shots taken by the Agency, which accompanied Mr. Courcaud on these two cycle routes. The Agency has also had nearly 70 Google sheets created corresponding to points of tourist interest along these routes, thus enabling cycle tourists to better locate places to visit near EuroVelo3 –Scandiberian and the National cycle route 30. The 2 lines have also been referenced on Google Maps, allowing cyclists to view them as a whole.

For 3 days, we accompanied Mr. Courcaud and his 360 camera on the Axon cycle routes to make them available in
Streetview on Google Maps. Certain road links making it possible to reach the hearts of villages from these cycle routes have
also been digitized.


Photo credits: Aisne Tourism Agency / ©Sylvain Prémont / ©Emmanuel Berthier / © Benjamin Teissèdre

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