Google is about to launch a much faster “Pro” Wi-Fi router

Google could launch, in the coming weeks, a new Wi-Fi router compatible with Wi-Fi 6E. The price of the device would be around 200 euros.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi in the center // Source: Frandroid

In recent years, Google has launched headlong into the field of home automation. In addition to its connected speakers, its Nest thermostats or its security camera systems, the Mountain View firm also relies on its own Wi-Fi routers marketed to the general public.

Three years after the presentation of the first Google Nest Wi-Fi, in October 2019, it seems that the American manufacturer is preparing to launch a new version of its wireless router. The website 9to5Googlespecializing in the news of the firm, has indeed discovered, on the site of the retailer B&H, mentions of a new Google Wi-Fi router, as well as some of its characteristics.

On the site of the electronic equipment retailer, we can thus discover the name under which the next Wi-Fi router from Google should be marketed, namely “Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E”. Enough to confirm previous rumors that the next Google Nest Wi-Fi would not only go from Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6, but would go directly to Wi-Fi 6E. As a reminder, this standard’s main interest is to take advantage of a 6 GHz frequency band and to use 6 additional channels of 80 MHz, or 3 of 160 MHz, depending on the router. The Wi-Fi network should therefore be less congested, but also faster with higher peak speeds by an order of magnitude of 30%.

Of course, as with all Wi-Fi routers, to enjoy Wi-Fi 6E on your PC or smartphone, it is not enough that your router is compatible, but that your device is too. Fortunately, who can do more can do less, and Wi-Fi 6E compatibility also ensures Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 5 compatibility.

A price twice as high as the Wi-Fi 5 model

The B&H pages put online also allow you to learn more about the pricing that should be offered in the United States for the new routers from Google. On the US site, a Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E is expected to go on sale for $199.99. It should also be possible to buy a two-pack for $299.99 and a three-pack for $399.99. For colors, Google would rely on white, brown, blue or pale green versions. As a reminder, the first Google Nest Wi-Fi was initially launched at 169 dollars, then offered in a second version at 99 dollars.

As of now, the new Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro router has yet to be announced. However, if resellers are starting to list the product, it means that they must have obtained information from the manufacturer. We can therefore expect an announcement in the coming weeks, probably at the beginning of October. Remember that Google will hold a conference on its new products “Made by Google” for October 6. In addition to its new Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch, we could therefore learn more about the company’s router on this occasion.

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