Google’s Just-Launched Pixel 6A Is $50 Off At Amazon

Google’s Pixel 6A is only a week old, but there have been some notable promotions hitting it ahead of its release. Now you can get the Pixel 6A for an outright $50 off at Amazon, knocking the price of the Sage and Charcoal colors down to $399 — no gift card or earbud stipulation included at all. to worry. This is a mid-priced phone, now even better for a limited time. Be sure to click the coupon on the page to get the full discount at Amazon, so each color becomes $399 at checkout, and don’t be fooled by third-party sellers who may show up with a similar deal missing the coupon.

Although the Pixel 6A is a bit of a departure from Google’s previous A-series phones, it’s a standout mid-range option that puts speed and performance first. It uses the same Google Tensor processor as the more expensive Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro flagships, with a claim of five years of security updates. Where Google has cut things back is with high-end features such as wireless charging, water resistance and the number of megapixels of its main camera – although its smaller OLED of 6, 1 inch could be a blessing for anyone who wants a (somewhat) user-friendly one-handed phone. Read our review.


Google Pixel 6A

Google’s Pixel 6A comes with a relatively small 6.1-inch OLED display, but is a great performer with a good camera and good battery life.

As data breach after data breach continually reminds us that we need to keep our digital lives under a safe lock and key. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a proper password manager like 1Password, which automatically generates tough passwords and encrypts them so you never have to worry about remembering them. or type them yourself. Fortunately, 1Password offers an exclusive discount for Aisle readers throughout August. If you’re a new 1Password subscriber, you can get a one-year Individual Plan or Family Plan subscription for 50% off.

An individual plan covers you on all your devices, normally for $2.99 ​​per month. This offer removes the subscription at only $17.94 for the year instead of $35.88. As for the family plan, it gives you up to five separate accounts for $60 per year ($5 per month), but the current discount is only $30 for the first year. You don’t have to worry about promo codes or special coupons on this one, either. Just use the links here, and the deal will automatically apply.

If you want to upgrade your streaming device and you already live in Apple’s walled garden, you might want to consider the latest Apple TV 4K, which is on sale right now with 32GB of storage for $119.99 (about $59). $ off) at Amazon and Best Buy. Today’s offer is only $10 higher than the all-time low we saw during Prime Day – and that’s a price we don’t see very often.

The Apple TV 4K supports (as you might expect) 4K resolution as well as HDR. As well as a fast processor that should keep it going for years, it can be used as a mini game console with an Apple Arcade subscription. It may be more expensive than typical streaming dongles from Roku and Amazon, but it’s also much more future-proof, with support for HDMI 2.1, Wi-Fi 6, and even Thread Standard.

Oh, and did we mention the remote is finally a conventional remote and no longer a touchpad-dependent mess? Because it is. Read our review.

DSCF3875 2

Apple TV 4K (2021, 32 GB)

The latest Apple TV 4K houses the A12 Bionic processor and offers faster performance with HDMI 2.1, Wi-Fi 6 and Thread support.

Amazon’s latest Echo Show 10 is on sale at Woot for $179.99, which is its best price yet. The 10.1-inch Smart Display typically sells for $249.99, which is a hefty $70 off the third-gen model. While many Echo devices are very similar, with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant picking up requests for things like recipes and tackling all sorts of smart home commands, the Echo Show 10 is very unique. thanks to its motorized b. It physically turns the screen towards you so you can still see it. It might sound a bit scary at first, but the camera has a privacy shutter for when you don’t need it. Plus, if you’ve ever tried to have a video call with someone while trying to multitask, you might appreciate how great the Show 10 is for video calling. It’s also a good way to make sure other family members stay well within the scope of calls with you, if you feel inclined to gift it to anyone who has a tendency to point their phone upwards. nose during a call. Read our review.

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Amazon Echo Show 10 (third generation)

Amazon’s rotating Echo Show 10 has a motor in its cylindrical base that lets its 10.1-inch screen spin to find you, so you’ll always have the screen in sight. This is the best smart screen for making video calls.

Since the HomePod Mini is the only smart speaker still in Apple’s stable, it doesn’t see a discount very often. And if you want to use Siri on a speaker or add wireless sound to your Apple TV, the Mini is your only choice. Maybe that’s why we’ve usually only seen it drop by $80 during the holidays, and why colorful models rarely go on sale.

Now, though, we’re seeing refreshing discounts on at least some of the fun colors. B&H Photo is selling the colorful smart speaker in both blue and yellow for $89.95 and $89.99, respectively. I know $10 off doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s the kind of price you normally have to be a Costco member to get – though, if you are Costco member, it’s currently $79.99 plus $2.99 ​​shipping. If you stock up on a few for different rooms in your home to check the weather or the news no matter where you are, that modest $10 discount starts to go a lot further. Read our review.

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HomePod Mini

Apple’s smallest smart speaker, the HomePod Mini, comes with Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, built-in and can play music, set timers and control your smart home, as well as send messages. messages and make calls using your iPhone. It is available in white, dark gray, blue, yellow or orange.

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keyboard shirt

Thursday? More like ThursDEALS, am I right?

  • Anker’s RoboVac 11S is down to $135.99 ($64 off) at Amazon. This older, affordable robot vacuum is suitable for hard floors and medium-pile carpets, with two exterior brushes and a small remote control.

  • The fitness-focused fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch is $148.19 (about $82 off) at Amazon. It’s our top pick for all fitness trackers thanks to its voice assistant support, heart rate monitoring, ease of use, and even support for NFC payments.
  • Ring’s Alarm Upgrade Kit for Older Security Systems is discounted 47% at Amazon, dropping the price to $79.99 from its usual price of $149.99. It makes it easy to transition from an existing dumb alarm system to the Ring ecosystem. This reduction saves a lot of money that you can save for installation by a pro.

  • A two-pack of Eero’s 6 Plus mid-range mesh Wi-Fi routers is down to $155 ($84 off) at B&H Photo and Best Buy. It’s the most affordable way to get gigabit speeds from Amazon-owned Eero.
  • We’ve covered the physical, PlayStation 4 version of Forbidden Horizon West got it discounted to $39.99 the other day, but now the digital version is also on sale via the PlayStation Store for $39.59 (about $20 off). You can upgrade either to the PS5 version for free, saving another $10, however, for the digital copy you’ll need to purchase it on a PS4 or through your web browser and then download it from from the same account on your PS5.

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