Hard knocks (accidents of life, cyber harassment, health, death): these insurances offered by the Postal Bank – Savings guide

In order to protect its customers as well as possible, La Banque Postale is enriching its accident and health insurance with new guarantees and at no additional cost. It also offers a new death insurance. These solutions are part of La Banque Postale’s citizen DNA and respond to the sharply increasing societal risks such as school bullying or cyberbullying.

A major player in provident insurance with more than 2 million people protected, La Banque Postale offers support that is as close as possible to the needs of its customers and their families in the event of hardship.

Life Accident Insurance

Life Accident Insurance: insurance in the event of an accident in everyday life, covering the possible consequences of a school bullying or cyberbullying. With its Personal Accident Insurance offer, La Banque Postale already offers compensation of up to €2 million per insured and numerous assistance services to support its customers from the time of subscription and in the event of accident. It enriches its offer with new guarantees in the face of the increase in societal risks such as school bullying and cyberbullying.

One million children are harassed each year in France1 and 59% of French people have already been victims of cyberbullying. We cannot ignore these essential and rapidly increasing social issues. Faced with the lack of resources of a parent whose child is harassed or cyber-harassed, we wanted to act. This is why our Life Accident Insurance now includes, at no additional cost, Accidents due to acts of bullying or cyberbullying. says Agnès Paquin, General Manager of La Banque Postale IARD.

La Banque Postale has joined forces with specialist associations, the Association Les Papillons and E-Enfance to offer this new guarantee, which is now based on 3 essential components:

  1. Prevent situations of bullying at school and cyberbullying via a prevention kit for adults and children, consisting of a parent/child awareness booklet, expert videos and testimonials, available from a page dedicated to policyholders;
  2. Guide customers in the event of cyber harassment by offering them a data erasure / burying service;
  3. Accompany and compensate, in the event of filing of a complaint, thanks to the payment of a fixed compensation of €1,000 allowing in particular the assumption of responsibility for the costs of psychological follow-up or school at home/hospital.

National phone numbers to say no to bullying

Le 30 18: the number for children, teenagers and parents on all questions related to the digital uses of young people and cyberbullying.

30 20: the listening and support number for families and victims of school bullying

Health insurance

La Banque Postale Health Insurance: insurance covering more serious illnesses

Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis are now covered by health insurance.

The guarantees of assistance and services are also reinforced with:

  • Coverage of the entire family unit impacted by the disease, including for the insured person training in the role of carer, assistance in returning to work, and a second medical opinion for him and his children fiscally dependent.
  • A basket of services dedicated to children in the event of illness of the insured parent, including home care, help with homework, school support or driving a taxi to school and/or extra-curricular activities.

Death insurance

Death insurance from La Banque Postale: a new, unique and simplified offer. The new death insurance rhymes with all-inclusive: a single contract, simple and accessible to all, whose capital can be personalized from €10,000 to €1 million. The offer also provides for assistance services that can be activated in the event of the death of a loved one or the insured, available upon subscription and up to 2 years after the claim: filing of last wishes, assistance in organizing funeral, or even a package of services (housekeeper, animal care, etc.).

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