Have you already seen this kitchen in several pubs? It’s normal

UNUSUAL – Like a feeling of déjà vu. Since this Tuesday, December 7, a discussion on Twitter agitates its users. The subject? A kitchen. Not just any, this one is known to everyone. And for good reason, it seems to have been used for more than one shoot in France.

As foreshadowed by the photos shared on Twitter by Romain Arrigoni, artistic director, we have for example seen it in an advertisement for soups from the Liebig brand.

In a campaign for Francine flour, too.

The Madrange charcuterie brand has also put down its suitcases there.

This was also the case for the pizza chain Domino’s.

Or Nutella.

Nestlé, Paysan Breton, Lustucru… The list is long, very long.

It’s not just about ads. Movie scenes, as in simply blackand series have also been filmed there, for example the comedy Mother and daughter on Disney Channel.

The singer Wejdene also went there for the clip of her title Reflect.

YouTube WejdeneOfficial

YouTube WejdeneOfficial

This is not a studio. This kitchen does exist in real life. It is located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, near the Laumière metro station. French director Benjamin Bouhana knows her well. He shot two commercials there, including one for Herta in 2016.

“We don’t even change the decor”

Contacted by The HuffPost, he explains that this cuisine is known to all producers. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is large and spacious. “We can install all the equipment there,” he told us. You can also have lunch there with the whole team without having to rent a restaurant or another space nearby during filming.” The outer courtyard allows you to install projectors outside and thus “control the lighting, day and night” thanks to its large windows.

From an artistic point of view, continues the filmmaker, it’s perfect. The place has all the elements that make it possible to identify at a glance that it is a kitchen. It has a large wooden table, a hood, small shelves covered with jars… “Most of the time, we don’t even change the decor, because there’s everything you need, informs Benjamin Bouhana. We will just, at the limit, add an element depending on the product we want to sell.”

Cherry on the cake? Owners more than accustomed. “In the morning, they leave leaving us the keys in total confidence”, observes the director. One day he arrived while their son was having breakfast. Not bothered more than that, he finished his bowl of cereal and left. This kitchen is more than a living space.

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