Health Insurance launches its MOOC to properly train health professionals

Every year in France, more than 40% of employees are arrested [1]. Health professionals have a central place in the therapeutic strategy to be adopted for each of their patients. In order to best support prescribing physicians in this delicate mission, Health Insurance offers specific training, in digital format.

A MOOC: what is it?

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are open and distance learning courses that allow learners from all over the world to learn about various, sometimes very specific subjects, to which they can freely access. For attract public attention and its good memorization of content, these training courses are largely based on the use of educational videos, which are essential in education today. One of the major assets of the MOOC, moreover, lies in the existence of communities of learners who, within discussion forums, help each other and enrich each other’s knowledge.

It is via this very fashionable learning method that the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM), in collaboration with the College of General Medicine, the French Society of Occupational Medicine and the digital learning agency Nell et Associés, has chosen to offer training this summer focused on the issue of work stoppages.

Who Should Attend ?

This training, titled Work stoppages: preventing, prescribing, supporting recovery, is intended for all health professionals called upon to prescribe work stoppages, regardless of their prior knowledge in the matter: general practitioners, specialists, hospital staff (including medical interns), occupational physicians or even medical advisors of Health Insurance. These practitioners, regularly confronted with patients unable to perform their professional duties, sometimes find themselves helpless in the face of the diversity of scenarios and the complexity of setting up monitoring, which is essential. The CNAM’s MOOC therefore aims to provide these professionals with resources that will facilitate and improve support for the patients concerned.

Objective: to facilitate the care and orientation of patients

CNAM training, subdivided into 5 sequences, allows you to review the fundamentals of work stoppage, as well as the pathologies (physical or psychological) associated with it. Furthermore, she provides the tools and benchmarks needed to support patients’ return to work, and to prevent professional disintegration.

All the key concepts related to leave for incapacity for work are covered: prevention of occupational illnesses, prescription of work stoppage, support for returning to work, prevention of disintegration, classification for incapacity… And since neuropsychiatric and mental disorders are now recurring reasons for sick leave, an entire session is devoted to mental health. At the end of the MOOC, the participants must therefore feel more capable of implementing a complete and tailor-made therapeutic strategy for each of their patients affected by the work stoppage, whatever the reason.

The training favors a practical and concrete approach:

  • a web-series featuring two practitioners who discuss their patient cases provides examples of appropriate care for a wide variety of pathologies;
  • doctors and Health Insurance actors share their experience through filmed interviews;
  • practical tools are made available to learners: summary sheets, infographics and a repository of work stoppage times for the most common reasons for stoppage.

Promising returns

The first session of the MOOC, which was held this summer 2022, recorded 4,000 registrants, which, in proportion, represents almost 4% of general practitioners in France [2] – a good score for a summer period. The participants expressed, at the end of the 5 weeks of training, a real enthusiasm. Often very alone in the face of the complexity of certain cases and the intricacies of the administration, they appreciated being able to collect so much concrete information that could immediately be useful to them in their daily practice. Another source of satisfaction: the possibility of exchanging between peers, via the forum space, and of asking their questions directly to the expert doctors of the CNAM.

A new training session is scheduled from October 3 to November 5. If you work in health and want to train or improve your knowledge on the subject of work stoppages, you can already register.

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