here are 10 anecdotes that you may not have known

Google name is wrong

Originally Google was not to be called Google. The two founders of the company wanted to call it Googol (Gogol in French), a mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros.

According to legend, the name Google is the result of a spelling error when registering the company.

The first server was made of… Lego

google lego server


In 1996, when they were working on their search engine, Larry Page and Sergei Brin, then students, had little means. To create their first server, they stacked hard drives by separating them with… Legos.

At the time, the server contained 10 disks of 4 GB or 40 GB. If this storage capacity seems tiny today, it was enormous at the time. Today, that first colorful server is on display at Stanford University, where it all began.

Moreover, you will undoubtedly notice similarities between this colored server and the Google logo. Funny coincidence, no?

Google has its own dinosaur

google dinosaur

© Lemon squeezer

If you ever have the chance to visit the Google campus in California, you will probably meet Stan. It is not the gardener but a life-size dinosaur.

More exactly, it is a tyrannosaurus skeleton. And since at Google we have a lot of humor, Stan dons giant jewelry and clothes, just to assert his style.

Google’s personal dinosaur cost the company $100,000.

Google talks to aliens


© Brian McMahon / Unsplash

At Google, we are convinced that the extraterrestrials are not far away. Or that they do research on the search engine. Indeed, engineers have translated the home page into 80 languages ​​including Klingon, an extra-terrestrial language invented in the Star Trek saga.

Google employs goats

google goats

© Unsplash / Sergiu Valena

No, we are not talking about the company’s engineers who are all real leaders in their fields. Google does use goats. But why ?

Quite simply to maintain the lawns of its headquarters located in Mountain View, on the outskirts of San Francisco. The company did not want to use lawn mowers, so it uses 200 goats regularly for its green spaces.

And love dogs

black labrador

Sharon McCutcheon © Unsplash

At Google, dogs are welcome. Be careful, the company still has some requirements. Employees’ dogs may accompany them to the office provided they have bladder control and a friendly demeanor.

On the other hand, our friends the cats have to stay alone at home (they love it, don’t they?). Google has nothing against the “purrs” but prefers to avoid sowing discord in the offices. Since there are dogs, it is better to avoid cats.

At Google, we eat our fill

restaurant reviews

© Unsplash / Jay Wennington

In the United States, we like to eat. Often. Very often. At Google, we have therefore solved this problem which could affect productivity.

In the business, each office must be located less than 46 meters from a catering point. Whether it’s snacks, drinks or real meals, there’s something for everyone everywhere. And of course, everything is completely free for employees.

Google’s first tweet

“I’M 01100110 01100101 01100101 0110100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01101100 01101001 0110111 0110111 0110111 011011 01101111111 This is the first tweet published by Google.

Posted in 2009, this tweet posted in binary language means “I Feel Lucky” that is ” I’m lucky “ in French, a term found under the Google search bar.

One business per week

google fine record europe

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Between 2010 and 2015, Google acquired an average of one company per week. A barely believable pace that allowed the group to grow rapidly. Thanks to these takeovers, Google has either recovered technologies or know-how, or eliminated competitors.

At the same time, its Google Ventures branch was investing in other companies to take part in their capital. The absolute record of investments amounts to 257.79 million dollars and dates from August 2013. The company which benefited from these funds, you know it very well since it is Uber.

The takeover of Youtube in a… Denny’s

google dennys

© Denny’s

When we talk about historic takeovers, we imagine an army of lawyers, jurists and financiers gathered in a large room. In the case of the takeover of Youtube by Alphabet (parent company of Google), the framework is much more unusual.

In 2006, this takeover cost Alphabet $1.65 billion. And despite the colossal stakes, the negotiations took place in full view, in a Denny’s, a fast food restaurant in Palo Alto. It is therefore in a dinner that Steve Cheng, one of the founders of Youtube, and the leaders of Google have concluded their deal.

So much for the 10 anecdotes about Google that you may not have known. And there are many more.


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